Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Law School Excitement!

So Matt is starting to prepare for taking the LSAT this June and that means we have to start figuring out where to apply and where we want to live for at least the next 3 years. Its crazy but I am so excited that we will be getting out of Utah and going somewhere new. It is going to be hard to make Matt study all the time when I am just going to want to be with him but I must do it so that he can get into the schools he wants. Right now we are looking at some schools in Arizona and Texas and California my favorite vote is to go here..... Pepperdine Law School in Malibu, CA so pretty!

We thought about UNLV but the more I think about it I don't think I really want to live in Vegas, I've experience all it has to offer and I really want to have a fun adventure with Matt living somewhere new. But we'll see how things go.

So Matt is taking some Law classes at BYU right now that are helping him get ready for law school. He is loving it and is so excited to start law school in 2011! I just love that he really does like it and I am so happy that it is something he will enjoy doing. He comes home from his classes all excited to tell me about cases they learned about and stuff and I just love it! Also he is doing an internship at Aaron Bartholomew, Silva & Associates in Orem and he loves it. He gets to do some really cool things that i didn't think they would have interns doing haha but i am glad he has fun. So we are both excited for this law stuff to get moving along so we can see where we will go! Hopefully he can get accepted to a school where I can also go to dental hygiene school which would just be perfect but we'll see how it goes.

I am getting so excited for the future and for everything that will come with this year. Hopefully I can graduate in December if everything goes as planned and then Matt will graduate next April. Yay can't wait to be done with school and Provo. Oh and so excited to move to a new apt soon. Our contract ends in April and we are hoping to move to a 2 bdrm apt, we definitely need the extra space. :)Also I cant wait to celebrate our 1year anniversary!! And to celebrate it by going on a cruise with Chris and Ally, We cant wait!! Anyways this post has jumped all over the place but I am excited and ready for everything that is coming up and I we are still just having a blast being married and doing everything together. Matt is the best and I am so lucky to have him! :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Meeting Baby Connor Forbush!

So one of my best friend's Heather and her husband Braden just recently had their first baby. alittle boy named Connor. I was so bummed I was in Vegas when he was born but we got to see him on Monday January 4. we met Heather and Braden at Rodizio Grill in American Fork where we got free dinner! for listening to a presentation on fire safety. It was way fun and the fire safety stuff was pretty intersting to learn about and helpful for future cases. Their little baby slept through the whole thing haha even through them showing us what different alarms sounded like. After we ate dinner we got to hold him and then I went with Heather back to their house while Matt took Braden to Provo to pick up their other car. We both got to hold him and I just loved it. He was so cute and tiny and makes the funniest little faces haha. I haven't held a newborn since I was 10 when my little brother was born so it was fun to see him so tiny. I know they will just be such good parents and we are excited to watch little Connor grow up. Gosh why are babies so stinkin cute? It makes me want to have one :) Although we are still going to wait awhile, we would like to be out of Utah and in a bigger place than our tiny apt before we have any kids. And I have to force myself to stick to my goal of graduating college first before I have any kids! Matt has to help me to remember that goal all the time haha :)Here are some pics of the baby.
The cute little Forbush Family!

One the not so distant future hopefully we'll be holding our own baby :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

California Road Trip :)

So after Christmas Matt and I decided to drive down to California and stay with Rachel and go to Disneyland. Well we didn't get to go to Disneyland because when we got there it was sold out!! Which I didnt know could happen :(. I was very dissapointed but since my husband is so amazing he came up with a new plan and we ended up driving down to San Diego where we stayed 2 nights and did lots of fun stuff. It was our own little adventure and I had fun just being with Matt. So our first day in CA we drove to West Hollywood where Matt's sister Rachel lives. While we were there we went up to Hollywood and drove around looked at the stars, and we went to a movie at the Gramuan Chinese theater where they show all the big movie premiers. The theater was so awesome, we saw Sherlock Holmes there.

I found the Harry Potter handprints and got yelled at by some crazy asian chick who said I was laughing at her grandma when in reality the existence of her and her grandma was the last thing on my mind I was just having fun with my hubby. Gosh I hate how people always think your doing something aimed at them I want to be like you mean nothing to me and I didn't even see you and your stupid grandma stop acting like the whole world is out to get you when in reality no one cares. ugh sometimes I just can't stand people who can be soo rude!!! Matt had to calm be down after this because I seriously wanted to punch the short stubby wench after what she was saying and making such a scene, it was actually kinda funny, I feel sorry for her. Anyways here is my picture with the handprints that I laughed at which caused such chaos.

So after our adventures in Hollywood was when we drove to Disney and discovered the sad news. So we journeyed toward San diego, and it was so fun just to do whatever we wanted, stop if we wanted to and just have no set plans.
We stopped to take pictures at the San Diego temple which is so pretty! It was funny because while we were there we ran into some of my friends who were there for another friend's wedding, what are the odds haha!

Later that day we checked in to our hotel and then we went to a mall :). It was fun Matt bought a super sexy new 3-piece suit. Seriously that boy looks SO good in a suit. :) And then I got a Juicy purse and some shoes so cute!! I love them.
The next day we got up and went to Sea World!! Matt had never been before so Im glad I got to take him, we had a ton of fun I just love the whales, penguins, and polar bears. I got a little stuffed polar bear which I now sleep with ever night :) (yes I still sleep with stuffed animals haha) Here are some pics of our adventure.
Before the Shamu show

I just think these guys are so amazing.

I love the Polar Bears they are so cute!

We took a picture like this at the Oregon Zoo (inside joke i guess its a long story)so we decided to carry on the tradition at all amusement parks we go to.

I got my churro!

Matt holding a starfish, the water was cold and he didnt want to but I made him since this was my favorite when I was little.

After Sea World we went to old Town San Diego and ate some yummy Mexican food and got some salt water taffy yum! We stayed one more night and the next day we went to balboa Island and walked around Newport. It was such nice weather and so pretty. Although I rememberd balboa island to be so much more fun than it is now, its kinda ghetto now sad :(

Walking around with my funnel cake(that didnt end up being very good but I wanted one soo bad) Matt thinks he is so funny..

We were able to get back to Vegas in time to celebrate 2010. We ate this tasty treat to celebrate :)

we had such a fun trip and I loverd spending every second with my amazing, sweet, and caring husband, he is everything in the world to me and I just love him so much! We are so excited for another year to spend with each other and for everything the new year will bring. Yay for 2010!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Merry Christmas 2009!!!

So we had quite the adventures over Christmas break and this might take a few posts to cover it all haha. We went down to Vegas to spend Christmas with my family this year. It was so nice to be in a big house with so much room to move around and a huge kitchen for baking, being cramped in our little apt has been damaging to my health :(. So while we were home we were able to go to the Maaco Vegas Bowl (or should I say the BYU bowl haha) It was freezing cold but it was pretty fun game. Thanks dad for getting us tickets and taking us!!
I wore this awesome racoon beanie that kept me much warmer.

Down on the field.

We had lots of errands to run during the week but we managed to get everything done. We had cute pjs for Christmas and had a wonderful Christmas morning! (despite being woken up earlier than we anticipated by my 11 yr old brother haha)
Stair picture, our 1st Christmas tradition!

Santa came to visit us yay! I got the new iphone 3gs and matt got a Sigsauer handgun!! Thanks Santa!

Here is everyone opening presents... it was so fun to open presents from Matt and to see him open mine. I got him some cologne, a new wallet, some new ties, new socks, the book Catching Fire. He got me a new ihome, a scrapbooking kit, new scriptures with my new mane on them, some super soft sweats from the north face and a zip up jacket. We had lots of fun and got tons of other fun stuff. Including some snuggies!!! haha

We had a really fun first Christmas together its crazy to think that we have shared 3 Christmas's already, 2007,2008, and 2009! yay although 2009 was the first Christmas we were actually together for since 2007 was when we were both home and 2008 was when Matt was in Africa. Our first Christmas Matt bought me a Tiffany's necklace and we had only been dating like 5 weeks! He already loved me then and he loves me even more now :)Im so glad we got to spend Christmas together it was so much fun and we can't wait for many more.