Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yay for Marriage!!!

So on July 22nd my cousin Allison Haymond married Jeremy Knowles in the Salt Lake Temple! Congrats newlyweds! (Even though this is a month late they're still newlyweds). We just got back from Oregon on Wednesday and the wedding was on Thursday. My whole family was in town and it was awesome! The wedding was beautiful and it is just so fun that I have been able to see 2 of my cousins now get sealed in the temple. We did lots of fun stuff while my family was here. We ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse one night and we ordered Pizzas from The Pie and ate them in the hotel room while watching The Prince of Persia, we all went to Lagoon on Saturday, and on Sunday before they headed back to Vegas they came to our house and my mom helped me hang some of my decorations! It was a fun and busy weekend. Here are some pics from everything.
The happily married bride and groom

Me and my wonderful husband aww loove him!

Break time at the hotel room.

On Thursday night they had a dinner for close friends and family. It was at Thanksgiving Point and looked so pretty it was just sooo hot until the sun went down!

Trying to pin the stinkin' flower on grandma's shirt (you'd think I would have had enough practice from pinning those dang things on for high school dances haha)

Yay I did it! I just love my grandma, she is so sweet and fun I wish we lived closer so we could see her more often :(

Me and my lil sistew Morgan (well not little anymore she is already driving and is a junior in High School! Crazy!)

We were waiting for the reception to start so of course picture time!! I just love this one


Being silly with Britt, Morgan, and Kim

Well the wedding activities were way fun I am going to do a seperate post of our Lagoon trip, this one is getting kinda long and I have realized that I post a lot of really long ones. Anyone Lagoon is coming up next!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Oregon Trip July 2010

So this trip was awhile ago but I am still behind a little bit on my blog posts. So we drove down to Portland on Wednesday the 14th I think. On Thursday Matt had to get his teeth cleaned and I got a tiny cavity filled. We found out that Matt had to get his root canal re-done because he had gotten an infection so that was on Friday and he was not too happy about it. But he had me there to hold his hand so it was much better than his first root canal. Thursday thru Saturday we just did some fun stuff. We ate at some new places and I got to do some shopping. Yay! I did get a few successful purchases that I am proud of. I think it was Saturday when the rest of Matt's family arrived and then on Sunday we all left for the Beach House in Lincoln City. Matt caught a cold and was sick the whole time we were at the beach. Poor thing he is just miserable when he has a sore throat and can't breathe :( Luckily I didn't catch it from him!
Here are some of our pictures from our time in Lake Oswego and Portland.
We got to drive around in the Jag and put the top down since the weather was so nice.

We went to this awesome doughnut place called Voodoo Doughnut that we had watched a thing on on Food Network one day. We waited in line for like 45 minutes but it was fun and they have so many random funny flavors.

The doughnuts! We got a Texas challenge (the huge one), A Voodoo doll, a Portland cream (the chocolate one), an apple fritter, a maple bacon bar (seriously the best doughnut ever!!), and the dirty bastard(the oreo and peanut butter one).

Here is Matt getting his root canal....again

Now we skip to the beach adventures :)
We flew this awesome dragon kite.

It was so windy and cold down by the water. Luckily I got that cute new jacket I am wearing here from Lululemon my new favorite athletic store!

We went on a walk to look at all the cute beach houses.

We went to lunch at Mo's a favorite Oregon Beach tradition I have only been one other time when Matt brought me home in December 2007. My fish n chips were really good and they have a famous clam chowder that everyone loves.

Matt and I then drove to the Oregon Coast Aquarium just the 2 of us. It was so fun and nice and quiet :). My favorite are the otters and the puffin was hilarious. He was puffing up his feathers and then popping up in the water right in front of me Matt says it was a mating dance haha.
Cool sea anemones

Matt with the jellyfish.

Playing with sharks. Ahh!

Matt in the scuba suit.

The Tufted Puffin!


And of course I got a new stuffed animal, an otter holding a little oyster, I named him Oyster haha I just love getting new stuffed animals to snuggle with! i still snuggle with Matt too tho :)

Our last little adventure was going to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. A little ironic since I hate cheese! Yup I don't like cheese, except for in certain situations. But it was still cool to watch them cut and package the cheese.

The Mr and Mrs

The best ice cream cone ever!! Coffee Almond Fudge and Caramel Toffee crunch yummy! Who wants cheese when you can have ice cream!

Here is the view from the beach house.

Here is the beach house, it is huge and so nice inside!

After Tillamook Matt and I drove back to LO for the night and then we left early the next morning to drive back to Provo and work :( On our way we stopped to visit these water falls. here we are at Horsetail falls.

And a quick visit to Multnomah falls.

We had a lot of fun on our trip and got to do and see some fun stuff plus relax a little bit. It is always nice to get a change of scenery and Oregon is so pretty and green, although we will not be living there it is fun to visit a few times a year and I love that I can always do something new. Thanks again Ekman family we had a great trip!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

My new gun!!

So I finally got a gun of my own :). Matt bought it for me in the beginning of July and I just love it. My brother has the same one in black and I loved it after shooting it so when we came back from the cabin for the 4th of July we got this little beauty!

It is a Walther P22 and it is so much fun to shoot. We took it out the day I got it and probably shot over 200 rounds. Thanks hubby! Now I can do something fun when you want to go shooting :)

Matt trying it out.

We destroyed the water bottles!

The case I got for it, of course also pink :)

Hike to Timpanogos Caves

So another fabulous weekend we did the trail up to Timpanogos Caves. Brittany and Quinn were going to come with us and we had a picnic lunch all planned but Brittany woke up really sick so Matt and I just went. We were bummed they couldnt go with us but we still had fun. The hike was soo steep I didnt think I would make it. And at the bottom of the trail it says to make sure to use the bathroom because there are no bathrooms along the way. Now Matt makes fun of me and says I have a bladder the size of a peanut because I always have to pee so I was so nervous the whole way up that I would have to go, and I didn't want to drink water. Well when we got to the top before the caves there was a bathroom!! haha I was so worried the whole time and there was one up there gosh dont scare me like that! Anyways, it was really fun and the caves were really cool to go through. Even though our cave guide was awful! She just was not friendly and seemed like she was in a bad mood. But we still had fun. I only got a few pictures because the camera battery was almost dead. (This always seems to happen to us and I get so bummed when we cant take any pictures).
Here we are about to start the hike.

Along the trail

Inside the caves

We had a fun day and I am glad that we went, if you haven't done that hike and tour yet you definitely should!

4th of July Weekend

Ok so this is over a month late to post but I am trying to get caught up. So for the 4th of July we went up to my families cabin in Duck Creek. I drove up Saturday with my mom and Morgan because Matt had to work at The Stadium of Fire. He joined us early Sunday morning. I hated being away from him. It was the first night since we have been married that we have not been together but alas I did survive! On Saturday we went to the Duck Creek parade. It is really silly but its always fun to go. People decorate their ATVs and the firetrucks and they throw out candy and little toys. We brought Bella with us which was fun we walked her all around and she made lots of friends she is just the cutest puppy and everyone wants to pet her. On Sunday we mostly just relaxed and ate yummy food and Matt and I took Bella on a walk, she is so ADD its hilarious I can't wait until we can get our own puppy. On Monday we all went shooting at this great spot. We got to shoot Blakes new AR-15 and it was so fun even my grandma tried out all the guns. We had Matt's 9mm and Blakes little .22 and AR. Ok here are a few pics from the weekend.

Me and my mom at the parade.

Best seat in the house. Grandma, Bella, and Blake

Me and Bella


The gang

Great now Matt really wants an AR-15 but im ok with that because they are really fun!
Tiny little Morgan

Grandma was awesome she shot all of the guns. I just love her she is the best!

We had a really fun weekend and can't wait for our next weekend at the cabin!