Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brittany's Wedding

Ok so I have just had no desire to blog lately, call me lazy. So sorry this post is rambly and unorganized :(. Anyways so Matt and I finished all of our finals on Thursday night (December 16) and at about 8pm we left to drive down to Vegas for my sister's wedding. On Friday we did last minute wedding stuff, I got my nails done and Matt ran errands with my mom. That night there was a wedding dinner at Olive Garden hosted by the Baker family. It was really good and lots of fun! I don't have any pictures from that because I was taking pictures on my dad's camera for the night. Later that night Britt didn't really want a bachelorette party so all of her bridesmaids just came to our house to paint their nails and toes all matching bright pink, and then we played Dance Central on the Kinnect which was hilarious and way fun!

The next day was the wedding and boy was it hectic. Well it started out with a very calm and relaxed morning, all the girls getting ready but then we started running out of time. My mom and Brittany had already left so i was left at home to make sure that Morgan and Blake had everything together and ok. I was very proud of myself I thought of all the little things we could possibly need like scissors and safety pins, etc so when my mom was freaking out I was just like oh hey ya I brought those :) haha Oh ya and Matt and I were the last ones to make it to the temple, we got there like 1 minute after the sealing was supposed to start. But we made it yay! It was the same guy who sealed Matt and I a year and a half ago so that was really cool that he sealed Brittany and Quinn as well. Next was getting everything ready to go outside and take pictures and let me tell you it was sooo cold and it was really windy so all the girls hair was flying around like mad. But we survived. Here are a few pics from the temple.

The happy couple

freezing our tail-feathers off!

I found myself a dead sexy groomsman ;)

So after all of the picture snapping we finally were able to escape the cold. Matt and I went off the the Encore to decorate the hotel room for the newlyweds. It was fun we put rose petals and candles everywhere. Then we went back to the house for a 20 minute lunch break, then to the Red Rock Country club for the reception. We had our hair and makeup fixed and then it was back outside for more pictures.

All the bridesmaids in the dressing rooms, well except Amanda P. and Mackenzie.

I got to hang out with my handsome man. He was seriously the best all day! I was a frantic mess running around doing things, getting frustrated when things went wrong and he was just so patient and well, the perfect husband.

The Bridal party

So the reception was great, they had the same food as at our reception and this time Matt and I were able to eat and enjoy everything :). My mom even ordered a sheet cake of Matt and I's cake that we were able to eat and it was delicious! Hey we even got a few presents from people who didn't give them to us at our wedding haha. It was fun to dance again with my hubby and to talk to friends and lots of family. We are so happy for Brittany and Quinn and wish them the best!

I loved being a part of this wedding because it helped me to realize how much everyone in my family did for me at my wedding. Its a lot of hard work to get everything just right. When your the bride you don't really see all the hard work and I was able to see how much my family did to make my day perfect and I am so grateful for that. My parents never read this but thanks so much mom and dad for everything you did to make everything about my wedding perfect!

I also hope that I was able to help make Brittany's day perfect. Its great to look and see how lucky me and my sister have been. We both found awesome guys who just love us to death and were worthy to take us to be married in the temple forever :) I am so grateful for that! Morgan's future husband has a lot to live up to!

Coming soon will be my post about the rest of our break in Oregon!