Thursday, October 22, 2009

Love at First Sight!

This is kinda long but there is just so much to say about how we met. Matt and I met Fall 2007 living in King Henry Apts. We were in the same ward. We met for the first time after ward prayer at my apt. We both remember the first time we saw each other. Matt was wearing a red track jacket and I was wearing a pink Italy zip-up and gym shorts. I remember turning to roommate and saying “Who is that boy? He is so cute!” Little did I know but he had a crush on me that entire semester. He even admits that he would go to get his mail at the time he knew I would be coming home from work just in hopes that he’d see me, he’s so cute! I had no idea that he had such a crush on me and I even had a little crush on him but didn’t realize it until later. He asked me on a date to the moonlight ride at Sundance and I couldn’t go so he thought I didn’t like him and was shutting him down he had no idea how badly I wanted to go on that date with him. Over the semester we hung out more and more and as I became closer friends with him I knew I liked him. I remember coming home one night and thinking gosh I really like that boy! Haha.

We had so many funny things happen over the semester where we would try to be together. We would always find a way to sit by each other on the couch and we would hold hands under the covers. We even held hands for an entire drive up to Ogden to go to a corn maze. I get so giddy and get butterflies just remembering all of this. Our first date was on a Friday, Matt invited me to go shooting with him so we grabbed a pumpkin and some cans to shoot at and we went out behind Utah lake to go shooting. (This place is where Matt eventually asked me to marry him.) I kept thinking he was gonna try to kiss me and wanting him to but also worrying about what to do haha. Later that week I came over to his apartment and we watched Dumb and Dumber and that was the night he kissed me. I was so giddy! That next weekend was Thanksgiving and I remember hiding my phone to text him constantly and I didn’t tell anyone. Three weeks after our first kiss Matt told me he loved me, I was shocked at first and didn’t say anything back but a few days later I knew that was how I felt about him too.

We dated the rest of that semester and for a few months while I studied abroad in London. He even flew me home for New Years to meet his family and stay there for a few days literally a week before I left for London, it was the best! We have had our ups and downs as any relationship does, but when I came back from London and visited Utah in the 1st week of July there was no turning back. I was in Vegas all summer and when I came back for Fall 2008 we started dating again. We didn’t spend one single day apart from each other (except Thanksgiving and Christmas break.) After we’d been dating again for about a month Matt started talking about getting married and I was ecstatic, we would secretly look at rings and wedding dresses it was so fun. We found the perfect ring at Shane co. the very first time we ever went ring shopping! What can I say I know what I like.

My ring!!!

Our Engagement Photo

We both went home for Thanksgiving break and little did I know that while Matt was home he went and bought the ring! He proposed to me on December 2, 2008. He took me to a spot a little higher than where he had our first date. We flew some kites around and then we sat down and talked for a little. I had no idea he had the ring but I was suspicious when he started talking all serious, and then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! So cute! I kept saying yes yes yes and are you serious is this real!? And finally he was like well don’t you want to see your ring? I was so excited I didn’t even think about it, it was so windy up there that he didn’t take it out in fear of dropping it. It was just what I wanted and was so beautiful!! I was so excited to call everyone and tell them and go show my friends . After that we started planning a beautiful wedding that would take place May 1, 2009 in the Las Vegas Nevada Temple. I love our story and I couldn’t be happier that I married this amazing boy!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First Blog Post Ever!

Ok so this blogging thing has been a lot more difficult for me than I thought it would. Maybe the hubs can help me. So this is really just a test post to see if I can figure out what I'm doing haha. Anyways we are in the middle of our fall semester and I am desperately ready for it to be over already, the main reason for that being I just want to celebrate our 1st married Christmas together! I don't really have much to say as of yet I still have to figure out how to add pics to these posts. Til next time when I know what I'm doing!!