Thursday, December 9, 2010


Well I know it has been literally forever since I have posted anything but Matt and I have been so stinkin busy this last little while. This post is just gonna be me randomly blabbing about what we've been up to so sorry if its all over the place, and I have no pictures either :(.

We had a great time at Thanksgiving with my family in Las Vegas. Matt and I got up at 4am on Black Friday with my dad to go shopping it was hilarious to see all these people lined up! We shopped for a really long time but it was lots of fun.

Also my sister Brittany's wedding is coming up so things with that have been hectic. I threw a bridal shower for my house last Saturday and it turned out soo cute! It was so much work though and I felt like crap still from my surgery. I am flying home on Friday to be there when she goes through the temple, yes the week before finals! Seriously such a stressful time to have a wedding, anyways I am excited to go home for a few days but sad because Matt will not be joining me. He is taking the blasted LSAT again so he will be in Provo studying and taking the test and of course missing his wife :( Then next weekend we have to drive to Vegas late late Thursday night after my microbiology final to get there for all the wedding festivities. Then we will be flying to Oregon to spend Christmas with Matt's parents.

So for anyone that knew I was having surgery here is an update on that. First of all I had been having pain for over a year now in my low back and front pelvic area that no one knew what was causing it, finally a doc decided they needed to check for something called endometriosis which grows all around the reproductive organs and can cause a lot of pain and infertility so the y wanted to do a laparoscopy. I had my laparoscopy and some other thing where they flush out by tubes done last Wednesday Dec. 1. I really thought it wouldn't be that bad/painful afterwards but I was in for a surprise. I was feeling awful up until about yesterday. But I am glad that it is over with although right at the end of the semester/ finals was probably not the best time to have surgery. I was really sore and nauseaus :(. So anyways the doc did find endometriosis and got it all removed and my tubes are clear. I go in next Tuesday for an apt so I can find out more about how everything went. But yay! I am so glad they finally figured out what was causing the pain and that now it is gone, on the other hand it sucks that I have endo because it will never really go away it will continue to grow back ugh! Anyways thats the update on that hopefully everything continues to go well. (Anyone else have endo? let me know what you've had to do to manage it/its effects on you, I am curious to know what I am really dealing with)

One last thing, Matt finally took me to see the new Harry Potter movie and I absolutely loved it!! It was so good and I can't wait for part 2. All I pretty much watch anymore is Harry Potter when Im at home haha I am obsessed and I like it! Also we went to Smashburger for a late lunch/dinner and it is soo good. They have really really good burgers and Im not ususally a burger person. We had never gone because a friend told us it was nasty but my dad took us when we were in Vegas and Im so glad he did because we were missing out. Seriously go eat there and get their sweet potato fries :)

Alrighty well I should probably start studying for my test today and no one is prob even reading this really long post with no pics anyways. I can't wait to finish this semester because next semester I only have 2 classes woohoo!!Well I can't say when I will post again but hopefully I will take some pics! Adios!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Woo hoo I cant wait for HP 7 part 1 to come out! I won't be going at midnight however because #1 I need my sleep and I work at 8am the next morning, and #2 I hate worrying about getting a good seat at a theater especially with a movie as good as this, I will not settle for less than perfect seating! Oh and #3 I don't want to listen to obnoxious teenagers who cheer at every part haha I am serious about my Harry Potter. Hopefully the husband will be smart and take me on a date to see the movie :)Oh and don't worry I will totally have my wand on me :)
Love my wand! And no Im not one of those weirdos but I really love HP!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Caramel Apples!

SO last night we decided to make our own caramel apples instead of paying the $6 for one from Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory and voila! We created a masterpiece :)We invited Britt and Quinn over to make them too and it was a lot of fun. Matt did burn the first bag of white chocolate(I have already learned by now to always have a back-up ready so naturally we had a second bag!)but the second one was perfect! Yum I can't wait to eat mine when I get home from school today.

Also on a side note Matt and I are obsessed with the TV show Modern Family so we bought the first season on blu-ray and we have been watching them non stop. Seriously if you have not seen this show you must watch it, it's our favorite and is so hilarious! Can't wait for a new episode on Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Time!

Well I just love October. I love that the weather is cooling down and I just love the fall atmosphere. I love Halloween but I hate the dressing up part, I like all of the candy and fun decorations but costumes are just too stressful. I can't wait to have kids to take trick or treating and I hope that we have some trick-or-treaters come to our house this year since we are in a house and not a hard to reach apt! I also love watching Halloween type movies, Im not talking about the gory rediculous ones but the classics. I want to/need to watch Hocus Pocus, and Practical Magic, and Halloweentown, hopefully I can find all those movies or they come on TV :). Also this year I finally got some decorations for my house. There are just a few but i like them and they make the days much more enjoyable. I also made a little Halloween craft. Christina and I made these little lantern lights to hang up and they turned out soo cute!(see pictures below). I also have some stuff outside but I haven't taken a picture yet because it isn't done plus we still need to go pick out pumpkins. Oh and speaking of pumpkins I made my awesome Chocolate chip pumpkin cookies the other day and they were delicious, i can't wait to make more as Halloween gets closer :) Anyway here are some pictures of my, very small, amount of decorations.
Here is my table centerpiece (I just loved the witches hat!!)

And this is my candy bowl that scares me to death every time I walk by it and don't know its on haha

Decorations on the bar.

And here is a picture with the light thing I made (I made the little Halloween lanterns hanging from the lights)

I know its really not much of anything exciting at all but I like it and it makes me feel a little bit festive. Also here is a picture of the Family letters that I made a few weeks ago, unrelated to Halloween but it was a really fun craft and they turned out soo cute! Christina and I have developed craft Saturdays and we are finding all sorts of fun things to make, we are bringing out our craftier sides and it is so much fun!

And last but not least Matt got a new gun! Its a shotgun and he loves it! It is really fun. This was supposed to be his birthday present but then he couldnt make up his mind so now he has it and he is in love haha. I have more pictures and really funny videos from when we first took it out but I have to put those up a different time :)

Anyways thats a little update for now, I will have more pictures of our activities coming soon!!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Woohoo Matt is all done with the LSAT and the stress of that blasted test :) I am so proud of him for studying so hard and practicing and I know it will pay off. He is so smart! Now we have to wait 3 weeks to get the score back and I think it will be worse on me than on him haha. Until then we will start working on law school applications and everything yay, I am just so excited to get this ball rolling so we can hopefully figure out where we will be going next year! Anyways I will have a new post soon with some pictures but I just wanted to proclaim the awesome news of Matt getting done with the LSAT. Now we just have to patiently wait....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My last year of school!!

So on August 31, 2010 I officially started my last year at BYU! Wahoo. Matt and I will both be graduating in April 2011. I cant believe we will have been married for 2 years when we graduate! We are so very excited to pass this stage of life and move on to the next, law school for him and dental hygiene for me :)

(The baby cougar is much cuter than the real one haha)

And not to mention we are just dying to get out of Provo! Don't get me wrong I have enjoyed my time here and learned to appreciate the good things Utah has to offer but its just not where I want to be permanently and I am sick of living in a college town, it definitely changes in Provo when your married instead of single. I am really hoping to go somewhere on the east coast so we will see where Matt gets accepted and then I can't wait to start planning! This semester so far scares me. I am just at that lazy point where I am so sick of school and homework and I just wish I was already done but I know I will get through it it just takes frequent pep talks from Matt haha. I don't understand how he never really stresses out. And the rare times he does he hardly shows it, that boy seriously has so many amazing qualities that I need to pick up on. So this semester I am taking Worksite Health Promotion, Personal Training Strategies(where my teacher scares me and literally locks us out if we are not there right when class starts...lame!), Food prep (which I am taking with Matt and it is way fun), and then Microbiology with Micro lab (ahh shoot me now this class is hard! but the stuff is interesting). So that is how it goes. All I have left to do for next semester is take Public Speaking (ahhh! there is a reason I waited until my last semester to take this), and take Problems in Exercise Prescription, and then there is this stinkin internship that I have to do 200 hours for! I mean seriously I don't want to do this internship its lame and what am I supposed to do for 200 hours, if you have any ideas let me know! So that is the forecast for the semester...stress+stress+stress+really relaxed husband=wife still stressed even about things that don't matter. Well on another note I am doing some things to keep me sane: Working out at Golds with Matt, reading a few good books, sewing some projects, and doing some fun home decorating and crafts. Some pictures to come of my latest craft that I am super proud of! :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010


So 2 weeks before school started we decided to do a spontaneous trip to Disneyland and the Baird family came with us. This is gonna be a long post but sorry I took lots of pictures! We left super early on Wednesday at 5:30 am!! It was so hard to wake up that early. Matt was awesome and drove the whole way and we arrived in Anaheim at 3:30 pm. On the way up we stopped in vegas to see my mom which was fun and we got to strecth our legs a nit. I'd say we made pretty good time :). We got all checked in to our hotel and relaxed a bit.

We all napped, showered and got actually got ready. Our first adventure was a trip to Downtown Disney. We went to eat dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Mmmm Matt got the coconut shrimp and I got a caesar salad and we shared. Dinner was super yummy!.

We walked around downtown disney for a bit and I got some yummy new perfume at Sephora. Then we sat down in the area between the 2 parks to watch the fireworks, which are awesome! We went back to the hotel and crashed.
The next morning was our first day at Disneyland!!! I was happier than a kid on Christmas and Matt tells me he has never seen anyone walk as fast as I do at Disneyland haha.
Here we are at the entrance.

Our first ride of the day was Space Mountain. Here are the 4 of us waiting in line. Me, Matt, Chris, and Ally.

Here is the place we ate lunch Cafe Orleans. Matt got the gumbo and I got a caesar salad, they were both way good. I think caesar salad is the best food at disneyland, well besides the churros! We even got to see Princess Tiana and her band walk by.

Ally was getting blisters from her shoes so her and Chris ran back to the hotel and Matt and I waited in line for Indiana Jones, when they got back we used our fast passes and rode it again!

I got a churro!!

Going on It's a Small World, Matt had never been because his sisters all hated this ride.

Matterhorn=rode it 3 times=our favorite ride!!

The California A!

Hollywood Tower of Terror my favorite ride at California Adventures

We went and ate dinner at Bubba Gumps one of my favorite places! And then we rushed back to watch World of Color a new water show at California ADventure

World of Color! It was really cool.

After the show we rushed to the Toy Story 3D ride, so fun!! and I totally dominated Matt :)

It was a successful on to day 2 of Disneyland!
First of all I got a jamba and a pretzel for breakfast yummy!

Main Street!

The Jungle Cruise! The piranha part scared me so bad

We ate lunch at the Pizza Port and shared another caesar salad and a tasty rootbeer :)

Captain Matt Sparrow

Splash Mountain where Matt got soaked and Chris' face is hilarious

Mad hatter

We got to see Mickey!

And we got a yummy Mickey Premium bar, it was dark chocolate and soo yummy!

California Screamin'

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Splash Mountain again

Kissing in front of the castle with practically no one around. aww love my husband :)

Well that concludes our disneyland part of the trip. We had soo much fun and all together we rode: Space Mountain, Indiana Jones(x3), Splash Mountain (x2), Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Pirates(x2), Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, Astro Blasters, Peter Pan, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Pinocchio's Daring Journey, Alice in Wonderland, Matterhorn (x3), Tower of Terror (x2), Mulholland Madness, Toy Story, California Screamin, and Im sure a few others that I can't think of right now but we sure accomplished a lot! We are thinking another trip will have to occur soon possibly in february again :)
So on Saturday we slept in, packed up, and checked out and drove to long Beach. We had lunch at BJ's and then went to the beach. It was so breezy and cold so I just lay there covered in a blanket and we fell asleep for like an hour and a half! But it was soo nice.

We then headed back to the hotel to relax, we went to the hot tub and met a crazy guy and then we chilled in our room. Ally and I watched Enchanted while the boys went and got Bubba Gumps to go for dinner. It was the perfect end to a great vacation! Ally and Chris flew out early Sunday Morning and Matt and I slept in and then got everything ready to go. We went to visit Rachel for a bit before we headed back to Provo and then we made the long journey home :( I want to go back to Disneyland soo bad already. We had a lot of fun and we are so glad the bairds came with us! thanks guys! And Disneyland don't woory we'll be back soon. Oh no I didnt get any pictures of my cute new sweatshirt and stuffed animal Pluto :( Oh well you'll just have to take my word for it :).

Friday, September 3, 2010

Boating Trip!!

So Matt and I have been dying all summer to get out on the lake and do some wakeboarding and other lake like activities but lo and behold we have no boat :( Well our friends Jon and Jordan recently bought a boat and we got to go out with them one afternoon yay!!! We had lots of fun and it was only Matt's 2nd time! When we were getting back to the dock however it was already dark...bad bad idea. We gotten eaten alive by mosquitoes they were everywhere!! It was disgusting. Well the next day I woke up and discovered so many bug bites all over my body. No joke over 100 bites all over. It was pure torture for the rest of the week. I just took a ton of benadryl rubbed my entire body down with calamine lotion and cortizone and tried to sleep as much as possible. It was miserable!! So while we had fun boating it was definitely not worth it bc of the bites. Oh ya and just about every single one scarred too so the backs of my legs are soo ugly now :( Seriuosly I am embarrassed now. Anyways never ever go near Utah Lake at night or you will die. Oh ya and the Mr. not one single bite not one! Same thing happened on our honeymoon in costa rica i got bit all over when he told me "oh no we don't need bug spray we'll be fine" little did I know he is immune to them! ugh I am so jealous of his perfect condition and scarless (is that a word?) body :(. Now I have to apply mederma multiple times a day to try to help the scars at least fade. Well here are some pictures of the fun part of our lake experience and thanks Jordan for taking us out on your boat!!

Here is my sister Brittany. She had that huge smile on her face the whole time!

Matt getting ready.

Flag duty


Me and Britt

Stud muffin

Well that was our adventure I cant say ill be going back to Utah Lake anytime soon tho. One of these days I will get Mr. Ekman to write something, he would have the insider details on my bug bites haha he had to put up with me the whole time I was miserable, he was of course the perfect care taker. Love you babe!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shooting and Hobo Dinners Date

So I think this activity was sometime in August. It was on a Saturday we met up with one of Matt's mission companions Dave and his wife Christina (we do lots of fun stuff with them). First we went to Gunnies (Matt's favorite store)so that Christina could get some ear protection and then we headed off to the other side of Utah Lake to our favorite shooting spot, also where Matt and I went on our first date, and where Matt proposed to me :). See its a good place. We set up all our water bottles to shoot at and off we went. After shooting we went to get shakes at Arctic Circle (Christina had a coupon woohoo!) and they were yummy. We headed back to our house to put together our hobo tin foil dinners. Then we went and got some drinks and snacks and headed up to one of the campgrounds at Squaw Peak to make our dinner.The boys made a good fire and we had a good dinner. It was really fun to just chill around the campfire. Here are some pics of the event :)
Matt and Dave loading up

Waiting for the boys to be done.

Making a fire. We have such good Eagle Scouts

Our dinner. yum!

Tasting their "special creations"

It was a very successful and fun Saturday. Thanks Dave and Christina for coming with us!!