Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Time!

Well I just love October. I love that the weather is cooling down and I just love the fall atmosphere. I love Halloween but I hate the dressing up part, I like all of the candy and fun decorations but costumes are just too stressful. I can't wait to have kids to take trick or treating and I hope that we have some trick-or-treaters come to our house this year since we are in a house and not a hard to reach apt! I also love watching Halloween type movies, Im not talking about the gory rediculous ones but the classics. I want to/need to watch Hocus Pocus, and Practical Magic, and Halloweentown, hopefully I can find all those movies or they come on TV :). Also this year I finally got some decorations for my house. There are just a few but i like them and they make the days much more enjoyable. I also made a little Halloween craft. Christina and I made these little lantern lights to hang up and they turned out soo cute!(see pictures below). I also have some stuff outside but I haven't taken a picture yet because it isn't done plus we still need to go pick out pumpkins. Oh and speaking of pumpkins I made my awesome Chocolate chip pumpkin cookies the other day and they were delicious, i can't wait to make more as Halloween gets closer :) Anyway here are some pictures of my, very small, amount of decorations.
Here is my table centerpiece (I just loved the witches hat!!)

And this is my candy bowl that scares me to death every time I walk by it and don't know its on haha

Decorations on the bar.

And here is a picture with the light thing I made (I made the little Halloween lanterns hanging from the lights)

I know its really not much of anything exciting at all but I like it and it makes me feel a little bit festive. Also here is a picture of the Family letters that I made a few weeks ago, unrelated to Halloween but it was a really fun craft and they turned out soo cute! Christina and I have developed craft Saturdays and we are finding all sorts of fun things to make, we are bringing out our craftier sides and it is so much fun!

And last but not least Matt got a new gun! Its a shotgun and he loves it! It is really fun. This was supposed to be his birthday present but then he couldnt make up his mind so now he has it and he is in love haha. I have more pictures and really funny videos from when we first took it out but I have to put those up a different time :)

Anyways thats a little update for now, I will have more pictures of our activities coming soon!!

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  1. I like the decorations! Halloween is so fun. Conner is being a bear for Halloween. His chubby cheeks in his outfit are so funny! We need to play and carve pumpkins!!