Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentines Day Weekend!

So for this last weekend, the hubs and I made our way to Palm Springs, CA where Matt's parents had rented a house for a vacation trip. I have still been sick from this cold so that drive to different elevations was miserable. We got to St. George and my ears were hurting so bad that I was just sitting in the car crying. Matt went and bought me some Nyquil to knock me out worked. :)It is just so miserable to have a cold, I can't stand when my ears plug up and everything sounds muted. Anyways so we stopped in Vegas and stayed the night and then hung out with my mom a little on Friday before we went to CA. She took us out for a nice tasty breakfast at IHOP and then we went to see Morgan's new horse. She is soo tall and is such a sweetie!
Here's Matt and Sunflower.

Afterwards we took off for the drive to Palm Springs, Matt is amazing and he drove the whole time so I could rest and sleep. We arrived that evening in time to catch some dinner and then we just relaxed. Our initial plan was to go to Disneyland on Saturday but I have just been so tired and miserable and my ears were still plugged so we decided it would be better to stay and just relax and get some rest. I was bummed because I really wanted to go but im glad we didnt just because I know it wouldnt have been as fun. The weather tho was so awesome, it was a clear sunny sky and was so warm. Matt and I went on a fun bike ride and hung out by the pool. It was so nice to have nothing to worry about.
Here's our bike ride on the little beach cruisers.

I wish I had some more pictures, I will have to get them from Matt's mom. The house had a pool and hot-tub in the backyard and it looked right out onto this gorgeous super green golf course.
So on Saturday night Matt and I went to go see Valentine's Day! yay :)I really like it and thought it was a cute movie.

The next morning it was Valentine's Day!! Yay our 1st as husband and wife, I got up early to set up my present for Matt so he would see it when he woke up. I got him some peach rings(his fav!) and sweethearts and then did a bunch of little coupons for him. It was fun to be able to shop for cards that all say "To my husband...".
Here is Matt with his goodie bag.

Matt kept telling me all morning that he didn't get me anything, but of course I know him better than that. He did this to me last year haha, when I got out of the shower my present was on the bed. He bought me a beautiful pearl necklace that I had wanted. He is so sweet, I really told him not to get me any big present but he still spoils me and yes I love it! I did tell him not to buy me flowers though and he listened. I love getting flowers from him but I would much rather have it be a "just because" reason than a holiday where everyone gets flowers. Maybe its just me but I love getting surprised with them when I had no idea they were coming :)
Here are my pretty pearlies. :)

And I got to wear them for church.

We had a lot of fun on our trip and it was great to see all of Matt's family there together(except we were bummed we only got to see Rachel for literally 5 minutes because she had to leave to work that weekend). It gets chaotic at times with all the kiddos running around but its still fun (and its great birth control for us haha!)Here's a few more pics.
Matt and I watching some Olympics on the couch.

Jadyn and baby Kamden, he is so stinkin cute and is just runnin all over the place now haha

Oh gosh you just gotta love having little nieces and nephews, its so funny. Let me just tell you some of the funny things they did over the weekend. First of all they had been told that I was sick and first thing when I get there little Adrian says, "Are you having a baby?" haha I was just laughing and was like nope haha. She associated being sick with being that I was pregnant haha too cute. Another thing, Kamden calls me Matt's girlfriend, he doesn't quite get that you can be married but not have babies yet, and Matt was telling him "no she's my wife" and our other nephew, Jadyn, was like, "hello they're married you went to their wedding!" haha but he still calls me Matt's girlfriend. Lastly we have serenaded over the weekend with "Matt and Amanda sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g..." haha. They certainly are silly, they can get a little crazy when they're all together but I still love them and its fun to have nieces and nephews now.
Here's a picture of us with all of them from our Oregon reception.

We had a really fun, and relaxing weekend and we were glad we could make the trip to CA to see everyone. I will be getting that Disneyland trip at some point soon haha I just have to figure out when we can go. Until then its back to school :).