Thursday, September 9, 2010


So 2 weeks before school started we decided to do a spontaneous trip to Disneyland and the Baird family came with us. This is gonna be a long post but sorry I took lots of pictures! We left super early on Wednesday at 5:30 am!! It was so hard to wake up that early. Matt was awesome and drove the whole way and we arrived in Anaheim at 3:30 pm. On the way up we stopped in vegas to see my mom which was fun and we got to strecth our legs a nit. I'd say we made pretty good time :). We got all checked in to our hotel and relaxed a bit.

We all napped, showered and got actually got ready. Our first adventure was a trip to Downtown Disney. We went to eat dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Mmmm Matt got the coconut shrimp and I got a caesar salad and we shared. Dinner was super yummy!.

We walked around downtown disney for a bit and I got some yummy new perfume at Sephora. Then we sat down in the area between the 2 parks to watch the fireworks, which are awesome! We went back to the hotel and crashed.
The next morning was our first day at Disneyland!!! I was happier than a kid on Christmas and Matt tells me he has never seen anyone walk as fast as I do at Disneyland haha.
Here we are at the entrance.

Our first ride of the day was Space Mountain. Here are the 4 of us waiting in line. Me, Matt, Chris, and Ally.

Here is the place we ate lunch Cafe Orleans. Matt got the gumbo and I got a caesar salad, they were both way good. I think caesar salad is the best food at disneyland, well besides the churros! We even got to see Princess Tiana and her band walk by.

Ally was getting blisters from her shoes so her and Chris ran back to the hotel and Matt and I waited in line for Indiana Jones, when they got back we used our fast passes and rode it again!

I got a churro!!

Going on It's a Small World, Matt had never been because his sisters all hated this ride.

Matterhorn=rode it 3 times=our favorite ride!!

The California A!

Hollywood Tower of Terror my favorite ride at California Adventures

We went and ate dinner at Bubba Gumps one of my favorite places! And then we rushed back to watch World of Color a new water show at California ADventure

World of Color! It was really cool.

After the show we rushed to the Toy Story 3D ride, so fun!! and I totally dominated Matt :)

It was a successful on to day 2 of Disneyland!
First of all I got a jamba and a pretzel for breakfast yummy!

Main Street!

The Jungle Cruise! The piranha part scared me so bad

We ate lunch at the Pizza Port and shared another caesar salad and a tasty rootbeer :)

Captain Matt Sparrow

Splash Mountain where Matt got soaked and Chris' face is hilarious

Mad hatter

We got to see Mickey!

And we got a yummy Mickey Premium bar, it was dark chocolate and soo yummy!

California Screamin'

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Splash Mountain again

Kissing in front of the castle with practically no one around. aww love my husband :)

Well that concludes our disneyland part of the trip. We had soo much fun and all together we rode: Space Mountain, Indiana Jones(x3), Splash Mountain (x2), Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Pirates(x2), Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, Astro Blasters, Peter Pan, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Pinocchio's Daring Journey, Alice in Wonderland, Matterhorn (x3), Tower of Terror (x2), Mulholland Madness, Toy Story, California Screamin, and Im sure a few others that I can't think of right now but we sure accomplished a lot! We are thinking another trip will have to occur soon possibly in february again :)
So on Saturday we slept in, packed up, and checked out and drove to long Beach. We had lunch at BJ's and then went to the beach. It was so breezy and cold so I just lay there covered in a blanket and we fell asleep for like an hour and a half! But it was soo nice.

We then headed back to the hotel to relax, we went to the hot tub and met a crazy guy and then we chilled in our room. Ally and I watched Enchanted while the boys went and got Bubba Gumps to go for dinner. It was the perfect end to a great vacation! Ally and Chris flew out early Sunday Morning and Matt and I slept in and then got everything ready to go. We went to visit Rachel for a bit before we headed back to Provo and then we made the long journey home :( I want to go back to Disneyland soo bad already. We had a lot of fun and we are so glad the bairds came with us! thanks guys! And Disneyland don't woory we'll be back soon. Oh no I didnt get any pictures of my cute new sweatshirt and stuffed animal Pluto :( Oh well you'll just have to take my word for it :).

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