Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lagoon with the Fam

So here is my part 2 post of when my family was in town in July. We all went to Lagoon and it was so much fun. I haven't been in so long and Matt had never been so we had a good time.
Here we are at the entrance to the spider ride which was really fun it was a fast roller coaster and the whole time the car which seats 4 is spinning different directions it was awesome!

Blake, Morgan, Britt, and Quinn all went on the log flume ride, but Matt waited with me I didnt want to get wet :(

Matt would just love to have a gun collection one the very distant future haha

The family except my mom is taking the picture.

Fun rocket one

I loved the bumper cars! I just laughed the whole time and Matt would laugh at me laughing.

This was supposed to be a little kid ride but it was fast and scary it felt like we would flip around. This made us all sick afterwards. \

Me being scared and Matt laughing because I was screaming so much.

Yummy dippin dots!

Wild Mouse Ride! So fun! the best is my dad laughing hysterically behind us.

Here are our old western photos. The girls were saloon ladies and the boys were outlaws. It was fun and Matt was such a sexy outlaw!

Leaving Lagoon :(

We had so much fun and later we went to the hotel room when and picked up pizzas from The Pie and sodas and then we ate pizza and watched The Prince of Persia. We even got to see some 24th of July fireworks from the hotel balcony. Thanks so much mom and dad for such a fun weekend!! We love you!

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