Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My last year of school!!

So on August 31, 2010 I officially started my last year at BYU! Wahoo. Matt and I will both be graduating in April 2011. I cant believe we will have been married for 2 years when we graduate! We are so very excited to pass this stage of life and move on to the next, law school for him and dental hygiene for me :)

(The baby cougar is much cuter than the real one haha)

And not to mention we are just dying to get out of Provo! Don't get me wrong I have enjoyed my time here and learned to appreciate the good things Utah has to offer but its just not where I want to be permanently and I am sick of living in a college town, it definitely changes in Provo when your married instead of single. I am really hoping to go somewhere on the east coast so we will see where Matt gets accepted and then I can't wait to start planning! This semester so far scares me. I am just at that lazy point where I am so sick of school and homework and I just wish I was already done but I know I will get through it it just takes frequent pep talks from Matt haha. I don't understand how he never really stresses out. And the rare times he does he hardly shows it, that boy seriously has so many amazing qualities that I need to pick up on. So this semester I am taking Worksite Health Promotion, Personal Training Strategies(where my teacher scares me and literally locks us out if we are not there right when class starts...lame!), Food prep (which I am taking with Matt and it is way fun), and then Microbiology with Micro lab (ahh shoot me now this class is hard! but the stuff is interesting). So that is how it goes. All I have left to do for next semester is take Public Speaking (ahhh! there is a reason I waited until my last semester to take this), and take Problems in Exercise Prescription, and then there is this stinkin internship that I have to do 200 hours for! I mean seriously I don't want to do this internship its lame and what am I supposed to do for 200 hours, if you have any ideas let me know! So that is the forecast for the semester...stress+stress+stress+really relaxed husband=wife still stressed even about things that don't matter. Well on another note I am doing some things to keep me sane: Working out at Golds with Matt, reading a few good books, sewing some projects, and doing some fun home decorating and crafts. Some pictures to come of my latest craft that I am super proud of! :)

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  1. look at ana-white.com and you will have soooooo many ideas of things you can do with your time!!! I'm addicted!!