Friday, September 3, 2010

Boating Trip!!

So Matt and I have been dying all summer to get out on the lake and do some wakeboarding and other lake like activities but lo and behold we have no boat :( Well our friends Jon and Jordan recently bought a boat and we got to go out with them one afternoon yay!!! We had lots of fun and it was only Matt's 2nd time! When we were getting back to the dock however it was already dark...bad bad idea. We gotten eaten alive by mosquitoes they were everywhere!! It was disgusting. Well the next day I woke up and discovered so many bug bites all over my body. No joke over 100 bites all over. It was pure torture for the rest of the week. I just took a ton of benadryl rubbed my entire body down with calamine lotion and cortizone and tried to sleep as much as possible. It was miserable!! So while we had fun boating it was definitely not worth it bc of the bites. Oh ya and just about every single one scarred too so the backs of my legs are soo ugly now :( Seriuosly I am embarrassed now. Anyways never ever go near Utah Lake at night or you will die. Oh ya and the Mr. not one single bite not one! Same thing happened on our honeymoon in costa rica i got bit all over when he told me "oh no we don't need bug spray we'll be fine" little did I know he is immune to them! ugh I am so jealous of his perfect condition and scarless (is that a word?) body :(. Now I have to apply mederma multiple times a day to try to help the scars at least fade. Well here are some pictures of the fun part of our lake experience and thanks Jordan for taking us out on your boat!!

Here is my sister Brittany. She had that huge smile on her face the whole time!

Matt getting ready.

Flag duty


Me and Britt

Stud muffin

Well that was our adventure I cant say ill be going back to Utah Lake anytime soon tho. One of these days I will get Mr. Ekman to write something, he would have the insider details on my bug bites haha he had to put up with me the whole time I was miserable, he was of course the perfect care taker. Love you babe!

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