Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shooting and Hobo Dinners Date

So I think this activity was sometime in August. It was on a Saturday we met up with one of Matt's mission companions Dave and his wife Christina (we do lots of fun stuff with them). First we went to Gunnies (Matt's favorite store)so that Christina could get some ear protection and then we headed off to the other side of Utah Lake to our favorite shooting spot, also where Matt and I went on our first date, and where Matt proposed to me :). See its a good place. We set up all our water bottles to shoot at and off we went. After shooting we went to get shakes at Arctic Circle (Christina had a coupon woohoo!) and they were yummy. We headed back to our house to put together our hobo tin foil dinners. Then we went and got some drinks and snacks and headed up to one of the campgrounds at Squaw Peak to make our dinner.The boys made a good fire and we had a good dinner. It was really fun to just chill around the campfire. Here are some pics of the event :)
Matt and Dave loading up

Waiting for the boys to be done.

Making a fire. We have such good Eagle Scouts

Our dinner. yum!

Tasting their "special creations"

It was a very successful and fun Saturday. Thanks Dave and Christina for coming with us!!

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