Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yay for Marriage!!!

So on July 22nd my cousin Allison Haymond married Jeremy Knowles in the Salt Lake Temple! Congrats newlyweds! (Even though this is a month late they're still newlyweds). We just got back from Oregon on Wednesday and the wedding was on Thursday. My whole family was in town and it was awesome! The wedding was beautiful and it is just so fun that I have been able to see 2 of my cousins now get sealed in the temple. We did lots of fun stuff while my family was here. We ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse one night and we ordered Pizzas from The Pie and ate them in the hotel room while watching The Prince of Persia, we all went to Lagoon on Saturday, and on Sunday before they headed back to Vegas they came to our house and my mom helped me hang some of my decorations! It was a fun and busy weekend. Here are some pics from everything.
The happily married bride and groom

Me and my wonderful husband aww loove him!

Break time at the hotel room.

On Thursday night they had a dinner for close friends and family. It was at Thanksgiving Point and looked so pretty it was just sooo hot until the sun went down!

Trying to pin the stinkin' flower on grandma's shirt (you'd think I would have had enough practice from pinning those dang things on for high school dances haha)

Yay I did it! I just love my grandma, she is so sweet and fun I wish we lived closer so we could see her more often :(

Me and my lil sistew Morgan (well not little anymore she is already driving and is a junior in High School! Crazy!)

We were waiting for the reception to start so of course picture time!! I just love this one


Being silly with Britt, Morgan, and Kim

Well the wedding activities were way fun I am going to do a seperate post of our Lagoon trip, this one is getting kinda long and I have realized that I post a lot of really long ones. Anyone Lagoon is coming up next!

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