Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hogle Zoo

Well once again it has been quite a while since I have blogged about anything. I'm just lazy haha. Well anyways one of the weekends in June we went to the Hogle ZOO. I was so excited to meet baby Zuri the little baby elephant. She was the cutest thing, I told Matt I need a baby elephant :). The zoo was so much fun, its smaller than I thought but there was still plenty for us to do and see there and it was not that expensive either. :) We saw all sorts of animals and I just loved it. Matt loves watching me get all excited about the cute critters and he thinks its funny. After the zoo we went to dinner at Squatters in Salt Lake we have always heard about it but never went before just because of the name haha but it was ok, I wasn't that impressed and wouldn't go back it was nothing special. Before we went back home we went out by Utah lake to shoot Matt's gun. It was a lot of fun and I am better at hitting the targets than he is! haha Anyways we had a ton of fun at the zoo and I am glad we finally went. And of course at the end Matt bought me a new stuffed animal, an elephant! I love getting stuffed animals everywhere we go, its a new tradition. Matt said one time, "We will have all these stuffed animals for when we have a kid" and I gave him an evil glare he was like "ok we'll have to get new ones then " haha. Ok here are some fun pics from the day :). It was just Matt and I so we have like no pics of us together :(.

Here is Baby Zuri hangin out with mom

I could have watched her all day, so cute! They even had a big popsicle for her with tons of different fruit in it!

Giant Turtles! biggest things I had ever seen

Matt liked the Ostriches

This penguin was hilarious and was bringing this rock to its little hut haha

I absolutely love giraffes! When Matt went to Africa with his dad before we were married one of the things he brought me was this carving of 2 giraffes with their necks crossed to shape a heart, I love it!

Matt with the giraffes. See it sucks having no one to take pictures of us :( I wish we had someone to follow us around all day and take pictures like we did at our wedding haha

Monkey friend!

I loved these guys too they looked like a bunny mixed with a horse, they were funny

Matt with the baby crocodile

Here's the full size crocodiles. We got to watch them feed them rats.

This little monkey was so cute! Eating his little snacks.

Matt is almost there!

At the end holding my little elephant.


We had a super fun Saturday and I would recommend to anyone looking for something to do on a friday or saturday to go over to the zoo! I still have a lot more to catch up on but that will be coming soon :)

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