Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have totally forgotten to post about some huge news in our family. My sister Brittany is engaged!! they got engaged May 23rd. She is marrying Quinn Baker. They will be getting married December 18th 2010 in The Las Vegas Nevada Temple. I am so excited and happy for her, she is just going to love married life! Her new name will be Brittany Baker which I think is funny because she loves to bake haha! We are so excited to have Quinn be a part of our family as well, he is awesome and is just so sweet to Brittany. They are such a cute couple! I just love weddings and am so excited for December it is going to be so much fun. She has already bought a beautiful dress and now just has to wait for it to come in, hopefully she will get it faster than a week before the wedding like a did, talk about stressful! She is getting all of the planning figured out and I am so excited for her, wedding planning is the best! Especially when you have our mom who makes it so easy because she has it all covered :) My dad is sad to be giving another baby girl away but he is excited and glad she has found such a good guy. Here are a couple pictures of the happy couple. Congratulations Brittany and Quinn!

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