Thursday, July 1, 2010

More random events of the summer

So there is still alot of things that we have done this summer so far and there are a lot more to come. I started and finished my spring semester taking 9 credits, and I sailed through with A's yay! It was tough and 2 of the classes I absolutely hated going to but I survived and I am so glad to have those classes out of the way. Matt and I are now just working the rest of summer, we were going to take a few fun summer classes but decided against it so that we can go on vacations and trips instead :). Its so nice right no not having to worry about school, I have been going for a year straight so a break was much needed/deserved. I just have one semester left and I can graduate but I might prolong and take classes in Winter as well so I can keep my campus job. We shall see. We will both get to graduate together next April and I am so excited! I also can't wait for us to start filling out Matt's law school applications it is kind of fun not knowing where we will be going next year and I am so excited/hoping to go to a fun new place. Hopefully we will know by the end of this year :)I am hoping for either D.C. or somewhere on the east coast, or Texas, or California (we are looking a little at Pepperdine). Anyways we have so many fun things planned for summer and I can't wait. We want to go camping, go to the timpanogos caves, go to Lagoon and seven peaks, plus we have an undecided trip in the making! OK so here are a few more pics of some of the random things we have done and actually taken pictures of.
I made some tasty red-velvet cupcakes (although I'm using vanilla frosting next time I don't like the cream cheese frosting)

Got some cute new headbands at Garnder Village, and a fun new wallet. I love Gardner village they have the cutest little shops and its just fun to go there.

Matt found this key hook, I have been looking for a little hook for a keys and he found the perfect one! (Also from gardner village)

Bought these flower pots and planted flowers in them :)

We also painted birdhouses to hang in our tree outside :)

We have been doing lots of other things but we hardly ever take pictures its hard when there is just 2 people and we arent huge fans of the hold the camera out and try to get a good picture thing haha. We watch a lot of movies, one of my favorite things is just getting a redbox and curling up on the couch with a soft blanket in the arms of my hubby :) We also go to a lot of movies at the dollar theater, we just saw How to Train your dragon and it is such a cute movie! We always make sure to buy our tickets early and get there super early because Matt has learned that his wife gets really cranky if we don't get a good seat haha (I don't like sitting very close). Also we go to get frozen yogurt quite frequently, its one of my favorite treats, we have tried a lot of the places in Provo but I still like YoZone the best, now if they would just bring back Mango and Coconut! Oh ya and we also just signed up at Gold's gym, I have been at 24 for the past 3 years but Matt has been at golds he likes the basketball better there so we have settles on golds. I like going with him so much better than us going to separate gyms, plus its more motivation to go! Anyway there is much more to come and I am so excited for all of our fun plans this summer.

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