Friday, June 25, 2010

May 1, 2010, One Year Anniversary!!!

Wow I can't believe we have been married for a year already, time went by so fast and it still is going by so fast. We have had so many fun adventures and I just love every second with the Mr. I have had so much fun being a wife and I just love my husband more than anything!! I never knew that I could love someone so deeply, until I met Matt. And I seriously do love him more and more every day! I love that he is my husband for forever and I can't wait to spend forever with him! I have so much fun with him no matter what we are doing and he really is my best friend. It is so fun that we get to share everything and build memories together and be a family. I don't know what I would do without my husband, I have come to rely on him now for so much and he has helped to make me a better person. It's crazy how we have picked up different traits from each other, for example I have helped him to be more assertive and he is helping me to have more patience. I just love this boy and I am so happy and proud to be his wife. I love you babe!! Here is some flashback from our wedding :) FYI I still haven't finished our wedding book, ordered our nice pictures, or got our Cd's yet, but my goal is to get that done soon!

Ok wow lots of pictures, sry but I am obsessed with wedding pictures, I can't wait to post some of our professional ones they are much better, I just get so excited and happy looking at our pictures. I loved everything about our wedding day and I wish I could go back and re-live it again! Ok so for our anniversary we didn't have much planned. It was our first weekend at our new place and so we ran a lot of errands. We did some fun stuff and I had a lot of fun getting stuff for our new place. Of course the day didn't go without surprises because it wouldn't be Matt if he didn't have a surprise up his sleeve for me :)which I love. I had already told him though that I didn't want him to waste money on flowers, and I didn't really care to go to some fancy dinner, or a hotel, we decided to save that money for a fun trip over summer when life is less hectic. Plus we had just been with family for the last 2 weeks so I was a little tired of eating out every day. Ok anyways lets start with the morning. I had a fun surprise planned for Matt that he had no clue about. The week before my mom helped me pick up a BBQ for him and we stored it at my sister's apt. Then on Saturday morning Jordan and Quinn helped me get the BBQ to our new house. Matt has been dying to have a BBQ since we now have a backyard to keep it in so I knew he would be happy. I had it all set up in the backyard with grilling utensils and everything. I had to try and get him to go outside and when he did he loved it! Now he literally grills everything and it is so nice! I have myself a little chef!

While I had snuck out to get the BBQ he had a little surprise for me as well. This was sitting on the bed for me (which he had also made:).

He got me wedding bands for my ring, they are so pretty! (wow my fingers really aren't chubby like that haha)

He also had a surprise in the car for me, he got me some gardening gloves and a gift card to Lowe's and Home Depot so I could get stuff for my garden!

I had so much fun for our anniversary and I just loved being with my husband, I can't wait to spend many more years together with him. I can't wait for us to take our Disneyland and beach trip later this summer!

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  1. You two are too cute. I cant believe your one year anniversary has already come and gone. It goes too fast! BUT...First things first- You are NOT a horrible bowler. You schooled Braden and I! It looks like Braden and I are extremly bad! Anyways, Lets go camping sometime soon. P.s. I want that puppy, he is so cute! Love ya!!