Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Winter finals, wedding, family, and moving!

Ok so it has been so long since I have posted anything, not like anyone reads it anyways but having a blog is my way of not having a journal so I have got to get updated. So much has happened since I last was on here and Matt and I have been so stinkin' busy! So I will start with the end of our Winter classes and with moving to our new house(see post below for a pic). Finals were very stressful but we managed to survive and we got awesome grades in all our classes. I was able to take another class with Matt which was awesome! I love being able to take a class together its so much more fun. We were able to move into the new house on April 29. I couldn't believe how much stuff we had crammed into our little apt. We had to get a uhaul to move everything. But we managed to get all moved out and said goodbye to our first place and hello to something much better! Thanks to everyone who helped us out with the moving, Blaine, Jordan, Quinn, and their friend (I cant remember his name)! We love the house, we have so much space and its just nice to have our own place that's not connected to a bunch of other apts. We are still getting settled in and organized. Since Spring semester started so soon after Winter we barely had a weekend off and during that time we were at my cousin's wedding. Ok so I'm going to try and remember some of the things we've done since my last post, this is gonna be a long one because there is just so much!
On one of those nice warm days we went on a bike ride and had a picnic at the park. We rode our bikes over to sensuous sandwich and then ate them at the park.

The next event after finals was my cousin Andrew's wedding to Kimmie. My family came down and it was fun to go, it was the first sealing that Matt and I were able to go to together besides our own, and it was really fun. They are such a cute and happy couple and I am so happy for them!
Here is us at their dinner the night before with my cousins Darren and Kimmy.

All the boys,Quinn, my little brother Blake, and my handsome hubby, we were waiting inside because it was windy, rainy, and freezing outside.

Me and my sisters Morgan and Brittany.

The happy couple! (even though they had the worst luck with weather they were still just so happy and excited)

All huddled under my umbrella.

Matt wearing Morgan's silly glasses.

I forgot my camera at the reception so I don't have any pics of it :(.
After bugging them to go to Texas Roadhouse all weekend we finally got to go there for dinner! I love that place.

And later we all went bowling (which I am so terrible at its embarrassing)

The pros! My parents are really good bowlers they kicked our butts!

After bowling we went to YoZone which use to be my fav yogurt place but now that they dont have their mango tart or coconut I refuse to go there Its very sad because that combo of flavors was amazing!!

Also while my parents were here we babysat the 2 dogs Missy and Roxy, they were a lot of fun and we liked taking them on morning walks, I can't wait til we can get a puppy!
Me and Roxy

Matt and Missy

Here is cute little Bella, the golden retriever puppy my parents bought in Utah, she is such a sweetie!

Also while my parents were in town my mom took me shopping at the Gateway for my Birthday and I got lots of awesome stuff, Thanks mom! After shopping my dad, Blake, Matt, and I went over to see the flowers at Temple Square. They were really pretty. While we were there some sister missionaries came up to talk to us and it was funny because one of them was from Japan which is where my dad went and the other one was from Arizona which is where Matt went I thought that was a fun coincidence haha.

Little Bro

It was definitely a fun and very busy week/weekend, but we had a lot of fun with my family and going to the wedding. Don't you worry there is still a lot more I have to write about but I have to break these posts up a little bit. Up next will be our 1 year Anniversary so that needs a post of its own :).

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