Friday, August 13, 2010

Hike to Timpanogos Caves

So another fabulous weekend we did the trail up to Timpanogos Caves. Brittany and Quinn were going to come with us and we had a picnic lunch all planned but Brittany woke up really sick so Matt and I just went. We were bummed they couldnt go with us but we still had fun. The hike was soo steep I didnt think I would make it. And at the bottom of the trail it says to make sure to use the bathroom because there are no bathrooms along the way. Now Matt makes fun of me and says I have a bladder the size of a peanut because I always have to pee so I was so nervous the whole way up that I would have to go, and I didn't want to drink water. Well when we got to the top before the caves there was a bathroom!! haha I was so worried the whole time and there was one up there gosh dont scare me like that! Anyways, it was really fun and the caves were really cool to go through. Even though our cave guide was awful! She just was not friendly and seemed like she was in a bad mood. But we still had fun. I only got a few pictures because the camera battery was almost dead. (This always seems to happen to us and I get so bummed when we cant take any pictures).
Here we are about to start the hike.

Along the trail

Inside the caves

We had a fun day and I am glad that we went, if you haven't done that hike and tour yet you definitely should!

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