Thursday, December 9, 2010


Well I know it has been literally forever since I have posted anything but Matt and I have been so stinkin busy this last little while. This post is just gonna be me randomly blabbing about what we've been up to so sorry if its all over the place, and I have no pictures either :(.

We had a great time at Thanksgiving with my family in Las Vegas. Matt and I got up at 4am on Black Friday with my dad to go shopping it was hilarious to see all these people lined up! We shopped for a really long time but it was lots of fun.

Also my sister Brittany's wedding is coming up so things with that have been hectic. I threw a bridal shower for my house last Saturday and it turned out soo cute! It was so much work though and I felt like crap still from my surgery. I am flying home on Friday to be there when she goes through the temple, yes the week before finals! Seriously such a stressful time to have a wedding, anyways I am excited to go home for a few days but sad because Matt will not be joining me. He is taking the blasted LSAT again so he will be in Provo studying and taking the test and of course missing his wife :( Then next weekend we have to drive to Vegas late late Thursday night after my microbiology final to get there for all the wedding festivities. Then we will be flying to Oregon to spend Christmas with Matt's parents.

So for anyone that knew I was having surgery here is an update on that. First of all I had been having pain for over a year now in my low back and front pelvic area that no one knew what was causing it, finally a doc decided they needed to check for something called endometriosis which grows all around the reproductive organs and can cause a lot of pain and infertility so the y wanted to do a laparoscopy. I had my laparoscopy and some other thing where they flush out by tubes done last Wednesday Dec. 1. I really thought it wouldn't be that bad/painful afterwards but I was in for a surprise. I was feeling awful up until about yesterday. But I am glad that it is over with although right at the end of the semester/ finals was probably not the best time to have surgery. I was really sore and nauseaus :(. So anyways the doc did find endometriosis and got it all removed and my tubes are clear. I go in next Tuesday for an apt so I can find out more about how everything went. But yay! I am so glad they finally figured out what was causing the pain and that now it is gone, on the other hand it sucks that I have endo because it will never really go away it will continue to grow back ugh! Anyways thats the update on that hopefully everything continues to go well. (Anyone else have endo? let me know what you've had to do to manage it/its effects on you, I am curious to know what I am really dealing with)

One last thing, Matt finally took me to see the new Harry Potter movie and I absolutely loved it!! It was so good and I can't wait for part 2. All I pretty much watch anymore is Harry Potter when Im at home haha I am obsessed and I like it! Also we went to Smashburger for a late lunch/dinner and it is soo good. They have really really good burgers and Im not ususally a burger person. We had never gone because a friend told us it was nasty but my dad took us when we were in Vegas and Im so glad he did because we were missing out. Seriously go eat there and get their sweet potato fries :)

Alrighty well I should probably start studying for my test today and no one is prob even reading this really long post with no pics anyways. I can't wait to finish this semester because next semester I only have 2 classes woohoo!!Well I can't say when I will post again but hopefully I will take some pics! Adios!