Monday, April 18, 2011

Palm Springs (unofficial Spring Break)

Well we have been doing a lot lately and I just have been too lazy/busy to try to blog. So I will just update quickly and with lots of pictures. So since BYU doesn't give us a spring break we created our own. Matt's parents rented a beautiful house in Palm Springs for everyone to come and stay at. This year we were very happy to have a bed we could sleep together in :), last year our room was 2 twin beds and you bet we still slept together but not very comfortably haha.It was a little cooler and overcast the first couple of days that we were there but the last 2 days were perfect! Also side-note: Any vacation where all the kids are present is amazing birth control for us haha. It is wonderful to have these kinds of trips every year to keep us on track ;). We have been the couple in the family to wait the longest before having a baby, so we feel very accomplished. Awwww its so nice to go to sleep at night and not have to worry about anything but me and the hubby, we always get to eat first because we don't have to fix kids plates , and we can do whatever we want and not have to worry about where the kids are or who can watch them. I realize that this sounds a little selfish but I don't really care, we deserve to have a few selfish years to ourselves to complete the things we want to do and just be together.(sorry for that little tangent):) Anyways, these pictures are not necessarily in the order that they occurred but here they are.

Here we are in the backyard, which had an open view to the golf course.

We rode bikes.

We played the game "Headbanz" with the kids.

We sang and ate Birthday cake for Akoni-32, Matt-25, and Amanda-23(gosh im so old now!)

We golfed. (On alittle putting green in the backyard and at an actual golf course, I drove the cart and I actually hit a ball over the water and not into it! Major life accomplishment).

We got to eat at Cheesecake Factory on Matt's birthday and to celebrate the other birthdays (Kid free!) And mom and dad E treated all of us, it was soo good. thanks so much!

We hung out by the pool (attempting to get some sun and wearing my new swimsuit and awesome hat!).

And Matt was busy being his usual silly self :) I sure do love that boy!

Well there is a quick recap of our fun little break. We are glad we were able to go down and enjoy the nice weather to get a break from this nasty overcast/rainy/snowy Utah weather.

Well many more post updates to come....

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