Monday, January 25, 2010

Meeting Baby Connor Forbush!

So one of my best friend's Heather and her husband Braden just recently had their first baby. alittle boy named Connor. I was so bummed I was in Vegas when he was born but we got to see him on Monday January 4. we met Heather and Braden at Rodizio Grill in American Fork where we got free dinner! for listening to a presentation on fire safety. It was way fun and the fire safety stuff was pretty intersting to learn about and helpful for future cases. Their little baby slept through the whole thing haha even through them showing us what different alarms sounded like. After we ate dinner we got to hold him and then I went with Heather back to their house while Matt took Braden to Provo to pick up their other car. We both got to hold him and I just loved it. He was so cute and tiny and makes the funniest little faces haha. I haven't held a newborn since I was 10 when my little brother was born so it was fun to see him so tiny. I know they will just be such good parents and we are excited to watch little Connor grow up. Gosh why are babies so stinkin cute? It makes me want to have one :) Although we are still going to wait awhile, we would like to be out of Utah and in a bigger place than our tiny apt before we have any kids. And I have to force myself to stick to my goal of graduating college first before I have any kids! Matt has to help me to remember that goal all the time haha :)Here are some pics of the baby.
The cute little Forbush Family!

One the not so distant future hopefully we'll be holding our own baby :)


  1. Your a lil cutie. Are you sure you want to wait?...conner needs a buddy...heehee You can come hold baby Conner whenever you want so you can get your baby feel quota so u can finish school :) P.S. we need to have a 24 party! WWJBD?

  2. Remember, it takes 9 months to make a baby. You got to plan ahead on these things! Ha ha. Congrats to your friend! It's so fun!