Thursday, April 1, 2010

Birthday filled week!

Wow,so last week was just full of birthday fun!. Matt's birthday was Monday the 22nd, (24) mine was on Thursday the 25th, (22) and my little sis Brittany's was 2 days ago on the 30th, (20). It was a fun Birthday week. I was having not the best birthday at first and was just tired and grumpy, and the weather was nasty. But when I got home I had a wonderful surprise waiting from my hubby. It just made my day! He is the best and always know what will make me smile :)This was what was waiting for me.

So after all of our classes were over I went over to see my sister for a minute and she had the cutest little thing of mase for me to keep in my purse :)

We went out to dinner that night to Texas Roadhouse, which is like my new favorite restaurant. Mmm soo good! They brought us out dessert and made me sit in a saddle for their birthday thing, which Matt thought was just hilarious, haha. Oh how I love that boy.:)

So this past Saturday I got some birthday presents. I dragged Matt to a trunk show that Shabby Apple was having in Provo. I was going to order these dresses but they had them there! Yay. I felt sill getting there right at 10 when they opened but it was a good thing I did and I got free jewelry for being one of the 1st 30 customers. Within 30 minutes the place was packed and I was lucky to get a dressing room early because when I was done there was like a line of 40 people waiting to try stuff on. Anyways I am so excited to wear by new lovelies. I tried to upload pictures of them but they were blurry I'll have to take a pic of me wearing them.
I also got a dress for my sister for her birthday. (I loved it, but it was a little too short on me, so sad, however it looks super cute on my sister and is long enough on her yay!!

The rest of Saturday was just busy busy but we had a fun week and weekend. Thanks to everyone for all the Birthday wishes for Matt and I. We had awesome birthdays!!!

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