Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have totally forgotten to post about some huge news in our family. My sister Brittany is engaged!! they got engaged May 23rd. She is marrying Quinn Baker. They will be getting married December 18th 2010 in The Las Vegas Nevada Temple. I am so excited and happy for her, she is just going to love married life! Her new name will be Brittany Baker which I think is funny because she loves to bake haha! We are so excited to have Quinn be a part of our family as well, he is awesome and is just so sweet to Brittany. They are such a cute couple! I just love weddings and am so excited for December it is going to be so much fun. She has already bought a beautiful dress and now just has to wait for it to come in, hopefully she will get it faster than a week before the wedding like a did, talk about stressful! She is getting all of the planning figured out and I am so excited for her, wedding planning is the best! Especially when you have our mom who makes it so easy because she has it all covered :) My dad is sad to be giving another baby girl away but he is excited and glad she has found such a good guy. Here are a couple pictures of the happy couple. Congratulations Brittany and Quinn!

Weekend trip to Vegas!

Matt and I recently took a fun little trip home to Vegas. We left Thursday June 17 after work and got there later that night. We stayed until Tuesday June 22 and drove home that afternoon. It was a nice little vacation in the heat! We had a lot of fun spending time with my family and I was able to get a few things done. On Friday morning I got my hair done after a rediculous 6 months! I still don't trust anyone here in Utah to do it so I still go home to have Leslie do it, she has been doing my hair for like 12 years and she is the best! People always ask me where I get my hair done and are so sad when I tell them Vegas instead of someone in Provo. Sorry hair school girls, I just don't trust ya yet, there needs to be like 5 years at least of experience for me to feel comfortable. Anyways after my hair apt. we went down to the Fashion show mall to go shopping. I was very disappointed and couldn't find anything I liked :( Oh well, Matt was probably happy about that haha. I am trying to remember everything we did, oh ya we went to Lunch at Islands(before we went shopping). Matt and I also went to Yogurtland which everyone in Vegas says is soo good.

I personally wasn't that impressed and still would much rather have mango and coconut from YoZone. It was ok though and we had to try it, but the place was packed! We couldn't even really get a chance to taste the flavors because there were like 50 people in line.
We also went to Red Rock to go bowling at their insane bowling alley, it was so expensive though. We paid almost $20 for one game but it was still fun and we decided we will just stick to $1 bowling night in Orem from now on. After bowling we won $10 playing blackjack, this was my first time gambling and we didn't even get carded :( It was fun though and I kept wanting to cash out at $3 and then Matt would keep going, he is crazy, its a good thing I kept him away from anything else.

Then on Saturday we had an even more fun filled day. We met my grandma for lunch at Cozymels. Matt has never been there and we all love it, they have the best fajitas! It was so fun to catch up and visit with my grandma she is just the best! I seriously love her and she is just so fun and cute. After we ate lunch we decided to try our luck at the Town Square mall. This was much better, well I still didn't find anything in the clothes department but I bought some new Ralph Lauren sunglasses that I love!

And Matt bought me this pretty Fossil watch, Thanks babe! I love it!

Later that night my dad took us and my little brother to see Toy Story 3 in Imax 3D! It was such a cute movie and we had fun. The theater was packed!

Here is Matt drinking what was supposed to be his movie snack, he just couldn't wait! The boy loves Capri Sun!

After the movie Matt wanted to go down to the strip to watch the Bellagio fountain show. After finally getting through traffic and parking, we were able to go walk around. We watched the fountains and then headed over to Caesars Palace to check out Serendipity with their famous frozen hot chocolate. We didn't end up staying there because the wait was pretty long and we were starving and tired. But I really liked this sundae bush sculpture. :)

We walked back through the Bellagio and walked through the conservatory to see the pretty garden display. I love that it always is changing because as many times as I have walked through that thing it would be so boring if it was always the same.

Before we left we stopped to get some gelato at Cafe Gelato. We got berry and coconut. It was so good!

It was a long and very fun Saturday and we got home around 12 and crashed.

Sunday was Father's Day! Happy father's day dad! I love my dad so much, he is just so fun and funny. He is so laid back, most of the time, and just fun to be around. I was glad we got to spend this father's day with my dad. We all went to church and Matt and I were on time yay! Afterwards we had a bbq and it was really good. Then it was a lazy Sunday which is the best. We napped, watched a movie, read, and played with Bella my family's new golden retriever puppy. She is just the sweetest and cutest little puppy and she is so silly. They call her big baby, because she really is a big baby.
Me and Bella.

This is when they bought her, she is now 3 months old and is growing so fast!

And now look at her, she is a big bear rug.

She seriously has the funniest personality and Matt loves her! We can't wait until we are able to get a puppy of our own it will be a lot of work but so fun and exciting, we have been wanting a dog since day 1. But it will have to wait for a while :(
Here is me and Roxy lounging after church, its a little blurry but Roxy is just so silly.

On Monday I got to go to my favorite place, The dentist! No really I love getting my teeth cleaned and can't wait until I can do dental hygiene school and start working! We didn't have much planned Monday but we had Cafe rio for lunch and then we napped a little and just hung out. Then my family and Angel's family all went to dinner at The Yard House.

Matt and I shared the sliders and as you can see they disappeared!

Me with my sister Morgan and Amanda P.

After dinner we saw The Karate Kid! Which was amazing by the way!! I really really loved it, so cute! I can't wait for it to come out so I can buy it :) (hint hint hubby ;)

On Tuesday we got all packed and ready to head home. We also went and got Matt's windows on his new Kia Optima tinted. He has been wanting to get them done since we bought it. It is so much nicer having the darker windows now and it looks really good. Im sad now that I didn't take a before and after picture :(. After the car was done we went to BJ's with my mom, and siblings for lunch. It was so good, I love that place! (which is why we had our rehearsal dinner there). Ahh good times. After lunch we got everything in the car and we started the drive back to Provo.

We had such a fun break in Vegas and it was desperately needed after a busy Spring semester and no time to go anywhere. I just loved having the whole time to be with Matt with no work and no school to worry about :) We got a lot of stuff done and did some fun things. I am glad we went and did stuff this time instead of just being lazy around the house like we normally are, so it was a successful trip. Its always so hard to come back and have to work and worry about other stuff :( I can't wait for our next trip this summer!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

More random events of the summer

So there is still alot of things that we have done this summer so far and there are a lot more to come. I started and finished my spring semester taking 9 credits, and I sailed through with A's yay! It was tough and 2 of the classes I absolutely hated going to but I survived and I am so glad to have those classes out of the way. Matt and I are now just working the rest of summer, we were going to take a few fun summer classes but decided against it so that we can go on vacations and trips instead :). Its so nice right no not having to worry about school, I have been going for a year straight so a break was much needed/deserved. I just have one semester left and I can graduate but I might prolong and take classes in Winter as well so I can keep my campus job. We shall see. We will both get to graduate together next April and I am so excited! I also can't wait for us to start filling out Matt's law school applications it is kind of fun not knowing where we will be going next year and I am so excited/hoping to go to a fun new place. Hopefully we will know by the end of this year :)I am hoping for either D.C. or somewhere on the east coast, or Texas, or California (we are looking a little at Pepperdine). Anyways we have so many fun things planned for summer and I can't wait. We want to go camping, go to the timpanogos caves, go to Lagoon and seven peaks, plus we have an undecided trip in the making! OK so here are a few more pics of some of the random things we have done and actually taken pictures of.
I made some tasty red-velvet cupcakes (although I'm using vanilla frosting next time I don't like the cream cheese frosting)

Got some cute new headbands at Garnder Village, and a fun new wallet. I love Gardner village they have the cutest little shops and its just fun to go there.

Matt found this key hook, I have been looking for a little hook for a keys and he found the perfect one! (Also from gardner village)

Bought these flower pots and planted flowers in them :)

We also painted birdhouses to hang in our tree outside :)

We have been doing lots of other things but we hardly ever take pictures its hard when there is just 2 people and we arent huge fans of the hold the camera out and try to get a good picture thing haha. We watch a lot of movies, one of my favorite things is just getting a redbox and curling up on the couch with a soft blanket in the arms of my hubby :) We also go to a lot of movies at the dollar theater, we just saw How to Train your dragon and it is such a cute movie! We always make sure to buy our tickets early and get there super early because Matt has learned that his wife gets really cranky if we don't get a good seat haha (I don't like sitting very close). Also we go to get frozen yogurt quite frequently, its one of my favorite treats, we have tried a lot of the places in Provo but I still like YoZone the best, now if they would just bring back Mango and Coconut! Oh ya and we also just signed up at Gold's gym, I have been at 24 for the past 3 years but Matt has been at golds he likes the basketball better there so we have settles on golds. I like going with him so much better than us going to separate gyms, plus its more motivation to go! Anyway there is much more to come and I am so excited for all of our fun plans this summer.