Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So I just have to announce that Matt received his first law school acceptance yesterday and I am so proud of him! He was so excited yesterday this is the first school we have heard back from so far so hopefully we have many more acceptances headed our way :) I'm so grateful for this bit of news because now we can relax a little since we at least have one option and a pretty good option at that so no matter what we will be going to law school this fall! :) There are still a ton of schools that have Matt's file "in review" right now so hopefully we will be getting some more responses soon. I will have a another post with all of our options soon :) As for now I am just so excited that everything is finally becoming real for us, I just cant wait until we can high tail it outta Provo (yay finally!) and move somewhere new and exciting :) Law School here we come!!!

I think I should get this book for myself so I have some clue as to what it is that my hubby will be doing everyday. Haha. :)


  1. You didn't say WHICH school he was accepted to!! That is very exciting though, congrats to him and you as well!

  2. Congrats you two! We are still waiting to hear back as well and its driving us crazy! Good luck and keep us all posted!

  3. Congrats! Nothing is better then knowing you are in. :)