Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I can't wait for this!! :)

So Matt and I went looking at lab puppies yesterday! We wanted to see if we like black labs or yellow labs better and I think it will be a yellow lab. It was so fun and I just love those cute little puppies. I can't wait until we can get one! Seriously I can't stand waiting for anything I just want to take one of those cute little guys home now but we cant :( Well in the meantime I will be looking at lots of cute puppy pictures like this...


  1. Don't get one!! Especially since you're moving soon. We babysat a puppy during christmas and it pooped and peed worse than a baby!! They are so adorable, but lots and lots of work!!!!

  2. I don't even like dogs and that is a really cute one! We seriously need to finish our sewing project. I had midterms this and last week so it has been crazy, but they are almost over!!

  3. My family just bought 2 yellow ones and a chocolate lab! They are so cute and little! They got them somewhere is Logan. There were 11 in the liter.