Sunday, July 3, 2011


Well it has been an awfully long time since I have posted anything. We have just had so many things going on lately, so its been very busy. I will have a few catch up posts shortly. First of all was graduating from BYU.

Matt and I both graduated and it was so fun to be able to walk together. Matt received his degree in Geospatial Intelligence and I received a degree in Exercise Science. It feels so weird to be done, it will be weird when Matt starts law school in the fall and I won't be starting school :( Hopefully I can get into a dental hygiene program wherever we end up and then I will back to school. It is so amazing to achieve this lifelong goal. Both my family and Matt's parents came for graduation and it was so much fun. We got to eat lots of good food and we all went to Texas Roadhouse after the actual graduation...soo yummy! And after that we had to pack up our house and move it into storage. We were lucky to have Matt's parents help us to pack everything and even help clean, we were so grateful for that.

We are both just so priviledged to have such wonderful and and supportive families who are always there for us and who have helped us to get to this point in our lives and we are so grateful for them. :)

Now here are some pictures from graduation.
Walking across the stage to get our diplomas.

Here we are with my family minus Blake who had a Basketball tournament that weekend.

And here we are with Matt's parents.

Of course we had to take pictures by these big signs on the way up to campus.

Posing with the cougar

More updates coming soon.....

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