Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer 2011 (part 1)

Wow it has been almost a year since I posted anything but I wanted to have everything to remember so I am going to briefly catch up to the present. (I am going to right some stuff that yes we already know ie decisions but that we were going through a year ago if that makes sense) Well to start after graduation Matt and I went to the east coast to look at some law schools. We visited Villanova in Philadelphia, PA.
University of Maryland
William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA
We had also already vistited Pepperdine, UNLV, and Willamette. Matt did a wonderful job planning all our flights, trains, hotels, taxis, and rental car on our trip. We really liked Villanova University it was beautiful there!. Didn't like Maryland, and loved William and Mary. Matt was on the waiting list and we (ME) were really hoping that he would get in. I loved Williamsburg it was so pretty and such a wonderful area. We were grateful to stay at Matt's cousin Rebecca's house while we there. Well we didn't just visit law schools on this trip we also did the touristy stuff and I loved it. Here is a few things we did.... The Liberty Bell)
Rode trains
Colonial Williamsburg (It was so cool!) Here we are with Rebecca's family(her husband took the picture)
We went to Busch Gardens.
And we had a few days to spend in D.C.
We had such a wonderful trip and were closer to making a decision about law school. After we got back we were staying with my parents in Vegas for a bit, it was fun to be home and spend time with my family. One of the days Matt had been all secretive and I was getting so mad at him when all he was doing was planning a wonderful night for us! He got us amazing seats to see Phantom of the Opera at The Venetian, and he also got us an awesome suite at The Bellagio with a view that overlooked the fountains. :) It was a lot of fun and very romantic ;). I just love him!
Our view of the fountains with the music playing in the room :)
We also got to try out my new bow, which was so much fun (I should have played Katniss).
Went to the temple.
Made a music video with my sister Morgan
And of course we went to Disneyland! Seriously that place just makes me so happy :)
Waited a ridiculous amount of time for Space Mountain
I am obsessed with Tron!
Finally went on the Storybook ride.
Ok well this is long enough for now, I will finish up the events of the summer in my next post. (Which will hopefully be soon and not a year from now haha).

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