Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer 2011 Part 2

Now on to part 2 of our summer adventures from last year. First up we have the trip to Fish Lake with my family. Let me start with a little history. We used to do a trip here with my Haymond cousins every other summer or so when I was little. I remember having so much fun catching fish, running around like a little ragamuffin, being so excited to sit on daddy's lap and "drive" the boat, and I will never forget going down to the tiny little lodge store with all my siblings and cousins to buy 1 candy each (someone would give us money and we usually went each day we were there it was so fun!)I wish I had access to some of those pictures right now bc they are pure hilarity(next time I'm home I will scan a bunch of my little kid pictures and give everyone a real treat.) Back to Fish Lake, I was so excited to share this part of my childhood with my husband and my sister brought her husband as well (our cousins weren't there this time so that ruined the magic a little bit). We stayed in a lovely little cabin and had our fishing boat and we were set to go. Let's just say it wasn't as amazing as it had been when I was little, I am realizing now how different things are through a child's eyes vs. an adults. We still had a blast spending time with family, eating amazing food, and of course fishing. I am so sensitive to this, i love catching a fish but then I feel bad. (like when I was bawling(literally and Matt laughs at me) on our honeymoon in Costa Rica as we were driving and running over soo many frogs(you couldn't avoid them).Anyways here are some pictures of that trip it was actually pretty cold. Getting ready to head out.
Here's Matt's fish haha
Yay I finally caught one!
We stayed with B and Q in the Beaver cabin, the rest were in a way bigger one.
Here's the whole crew
Had to rock our Fish Lake shirts!
We had lots of fun with my family and I am glad we had all of that time to spend with them over the summer and after this trip the adventures continue as we headed to Oregon to spend the second half of summer with Matt's parents. To be continued in part 3. (and yes there are going to be lots of parts, we were very busy this summer). :)

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