Friday, December 11, 2009

BYU vs. utah...Go Cougars!!!

So I went to the BYU vs utah football game on Saturday November 28th. I sat with my cousins and some of their friends. I almost wasn't going to go at all because Matt works during the games and I really just want to go with him but I ran into my cousins at Target earlier that day so I decided to go with them :) Boy am I glad that I went to that game it was amazing!! And we had such a blast. I ate a yummy cougar tail for lunch which is a bratwurst on a maple bar and is soo good! Anyways we won 26-23 in overtime and then we all rushed the field it was great!! Good job Cougars for taking back the pride that is ours :)
Here's Matt and I before the game.

Me and my cousin Alli after we rushed the field.

Eben though it was freezing it was way fun and I was glad because Matt actually was able to come into the game so I watched most of the game with him anyways :)

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