Monday, November 9, 2009

Honeymoon in Costa Rica!

After our wonderful wedding night we headed off the next day to our Honeymoon in Costa Rica!! I was so excited to get to fly on a plane with my husband, he thought I was silly that i was so excited about it but its something every girl looks forward more feeling awkward on planes worrying about falling asleep on the guy next to you's shoulder (true story happened to me while flying to Italy Junior year of high school haha)

We arrived in Costa Rica, picked up our rental car and started driving to the hotel, a trek that was supposed to be an hour and a half but took us 5 hours!!! Matt got lost and we were driving around this country on unmarked roads and scary streets, in the middle of the night, not to mention the lady told us when we picked up our car not to stop for anything, she said "if you get a flat tire just keep driving, do not stop, and do not let anyone help you" so comforting :(. We finally made it to our hotel at 5 am, and we checked in and crashed in our awesome room with an ocean view.

The next day we ordered room service, slept in, checked out our resort, and planned what we wanted to do.

Some of the amazing things we did while we were there are:

A horseback ride to a waterfall and then to swim in a natural pool.

Get pina coladas.

Go swimming at the beach.

Visit Manuel Antonio National park

Hang out with monkeys :) my favorite!

Go on a white water rafting trip.

We went zip-lining through the jungle but I dont have those pictures right now :(
And lots of other fun stuff.

We had such a blast and have so many fun and funny memories from our trip! Thanks so much to Matt's parents for our awesome Honeymoon trip! We love you guys!

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