Monday, November 9, 2009

I have the BEST Parents!

So I just have to say a special thank you to my parents for giving me such an amazing wedding, and raising me the way they did so that I could be married and sealed in the temple just like they were. My parents are seriously amazing and if you know them you know what I am talking about. My mom is so busy with all 4 of us kids and she always has put us first so that we can do the things we want to. And my dad works his butt off as an amazing CAO (Chief Accounting Officer) for Wynn Resorts. My parents have worked so hard to be to where they are today, and I am so grateful to have them . My mom worked so hard to get everything ready and perfect for my wedding. I think she cared more about all the details than I did. haha.

I hardly had to stress about any wedding stuff and I was able to focus on school and finish my semester with A's :). I love having a mom who is my best friend and who I can trust with anything! Who do I want to go shopping with me and help me find stuff? mom! And not because she will buy me stuff (which is a plus) but because the cutest outfits I own were chosen by her.

She helped do so much for our wedding and I owe it all to her and daddy of course although he was more there for support he stayed out of the planning mess haha. My parents are awesome and I love them so much! Ready for grandkids yet? haha jk Thanks so much Mom and Dad I love you! Matt does too :)

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