Thursday, November 12, 2009

Honeymoon Part 2!!

After we returned from our Costa Rica trip we flew in to Vegas and stayed at my house for a night. This begins the second part of our honeymoon which was a road trip up through California on our way to Oregon for our 2nd Reception there. We started by driving to Matt's sister Rachel's apt in Beverly Hills. We stayed with her for the night. The next day we went down to the beach and just had fun doing things on the pier and laying out :).

We stayed another night and the next day we started driving to Six Flags Magic Mountain WOO!

We got there and there was like no one there. We didnt have to wait for more than 2 minutes on any ride it was awesome! Although this made us sick faster since we didnt have the time waiting in lines for our bodies to recoup. I just love going to theme parks with a boy and always having someone to ride with and hold my hand, I still like Disneyland with him better, but we had lots of fun. :)

After we were too sick for any more rides we started the drive to Monterrey Bay where Matt's sister Kim and her family live. They just bought a house and we got to stay with them. They did a lot of remodeling and there house looks so cute! I cant wait until the day that we can get a house :)The next day we drove "17 Mile drive".

Kim's husband Akoni works at Cypress Point, a gorgeous golf course right on the coast near Pebble Beach. He took us all around the course on a little golf cart tour. It was so pretty.

After this we drove the rest of the drive and started heading for San Francisco.

We made it there just in time for our Alcatraz Tour. We were running along the piers trying to find where to go haha.

It was a lot of fun, and the tour was really cool.
Here I am on the boat.

And Matt

Matt in Jail :(

Me in Jail

Being a Seagull

After Alcatraz we ate at my favorite restaurant, Bubba Gumps, on Pier 39!!

Then we got dessert at Ghiradelli Square Mmm

We stayed at an amazing hotel called the fairmont that Matt's sister Andrea booked for us while we were in Alcatraz haha. It was amazing I loved it, everything was so old fashioned. We told the guy it was our honeymoon and he upgraded our room, sweet! We're just gonna do that everywhere :)

We stayed one night there and the next day we headed out for more driving, but not without stopping at the Golden Gate bridge first and then driving across it :)

Needless to say, Matt was so ready to be out of San Fran, the traffic there drove him nuts and the lack of parking, you'd think he'd be used it to by now living in Provo haha. So we stayed the night at this little motel it was kinda scary but fun. Our next day was going to see the Redwoods. I just think they are so amazing, and we had a lot of fun.

I'm a tree-hugger :)

Look close, Matt is standing btwn those 2 ginormous trees :)

We had such a fun trip, and loved having 2 honeymoons. But as far as im concerned our honeymoon isn't even over, we're still living in a honeymoon state :)

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