Monday, November 23, 2009

July trip to Oregon

So after our Summer semester had ended and finals were over we were able to fly down to Matt's house for a week. It was a really fun trip and we did a lot of neat stuff. The bad thing was we both got really bad colds while we were there it was awful. We were totally exhausted all day and I couldnt breathe. I was using some Zicam, don't ever use this its awful! I lost my taste for a day and a half, I mean I literally could not taste anything which was extremely awful :( It made me even more depressed about being sick. Anyways i got it back luckily, there were tons of cases were people lost their smell and taste for months! that would just be soo awful. So I refuse to ever use Zicam again. Anyways here is a "taste" of what we did.

We got to drive around in the Jag which is always fun and the weather was so nice we could even put the top down.

We played with Shadow, she loves going for walks, and going to the park to play fetch, and she just loves Matt. When Matt was younger they picked her out at the pound and saved her. She is such a sweet dog and she is getting more and more used to me :).

We spent way too much money at the Nike Store, but check out our sweet new kicks which I am in love with!

I got the new MacBook Pro!! Happy Early Christmas to me :)

We went and did these awesome Jet Boat rides at Hellgate, they were really fun.

We played in the gift shop.

I tried to find a small patch of shade, it was so hot!

All aboard!

Our next stop was Ashland were they have a Shakespeare Festival. We saw Don Quixote (yes its not Shakespeare). We left at intermission it wasnt that great but the theatre and the experience was awesome.
We ate a really yummy dinner at a place called Mucho Gusto before the play and Matt and I got a Caramel Apple later for dessert mmm apple pie caramel appple :)

I had to try the Natural Lithia Water, which was all bubbly and tasted like sulfur, so nasty!

The theater

The next part of our trip was a drive along the beautiful Oregon coast, it was so pretty.

It was all foggy and misty it was cool. Plus I got to put on my new jacket from the Nike store :)

I wanted a picture by the whale

We got to stay at a really sweet hotel. We had a huge hotel room to ourselves and it even had a fireplace! Here's the room

In this picture you can see my new friend Douglas, we got him at Harry and David along with tons of other goodies.

Here we are shopping at Harry and David.

The next day we played at the beach.

And we went to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse which is the lighthouse they filmed in the ring. The lighthouse was way cool, but there were millions of nasty flies, they were seriously everywhere! At one point we were walking around and one buzzed in my ear I let out an ear piercing scream and scared everyone haha it was funny.

Probably my favorite picture haha

And last but not least we got some yummy salt water taffy, my favorite flavor is watermelon :)

Making the taffy.

We had such a fun trip and were sad to leave. Luckily we started to get better from being sick. Thanks so much Mom and Dad Ekman for a fun and much needed trip!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oregon Reception

Oops I totally forgot to put up pictures from our 2nd reception that was in Oregon at the Tualatin Country Club. It was a lot of fun to have 2 receptions and to get more presents of course haha. Everything turned out really nice and we had a lot of fun. Of course it was mine turn to be completely lost as to who is who and talk to a bunch of people whose names I cant remember, but Matt took his turn so it was mine, he did an ok job of telling me who was who but a couple of times i was left in the dark :( Anyway what girl doesn't want to dress up and wear her dress again and dance and eat yummy food. Here are some of the pictures from the reception.

My parents

Matt's Parents

Our nephew Kenyon with some yummy fruit

Lunch the day after the reception

Opening more presents

Packing the Uhaul for the drive to Utah

Monday, November 16, 2009

Summer Adventures

Ok so this is gonna be another long post but I am going to update everything we have been up to over the summer. It prob isnt going to even be in order just how I remember it. Plus I know prob no one even reads this but I like showing off my blog work to Matt when I get done :)
So we got back from our wedding and honeymooning on May 18th. We came home to such a mess of an apt we didnt know what to do with ourselves. Plus I had to get back to work the next day so Matt got to play housewife all summer until he started his job around fall semester. During this time I was taking Human Anatomy and working my butt off and Organizational Effectiveness and Matt was taking a Geography class.
The MESS!!

After months of going through stuff, organizing, and many trips to Andrea's house to store stuff in the basement(thanks so much to Andrea letting us store things at her house I dont know what we would do with all our stuff if we couldn't), we finally got our apt looking like this! (Decorations courtesy of my mom she helped pick everything, buy it, and helped me put it up :)

We had a fun cabin trip.

1 Month wedding Anniversary, Matt surprised me with flowers! Love him :)

Went to my friends Chelsea and Lance's wedding at the Draper Temple.

Made a flower pot at Color Me Mine with the hubby.

We bought a new couch at RCWilley.

Matt bought Harry Potter 1-5 on BluRay as a surprise 2 month anniversary present :)

We went to the Scottish Highland Festival at Thanksgiving Point.

Grocery Shopping at Smiths, this is on a regular basis for us since we only buy things we need for like 1 or 2 meals and end up making like 3 trips a week to the grocery store for random things.

Went to the Lehi Rodeo were it poured on us and froze Matt to death.

We had a camping trip up near Squaw Peak with Heather and Braden, and then the next day we went shooting.
Our awesome hubbys!

Me and Heather

We love having fun married friends to hang out with!
Went to my family's cabin for 4th of July. Here is the whole clan waiting for the parade.

We went to the fire station for a big breakfast thing they do every year.

We went to the creek to look for trout, here is my dad looking for fish :) I just love him! :)

We went to the Orem Fair with Heather and Braden and Rachel and Arrian. It was so nice and then a storm rolled in really fast, it got super windy and starting pouring.We were trapped in the scentsy tent and the boys went to get the cars but then we had to make a run for it and got completely soaked, but it was fun.

We had to bury one of our beloved robo dwarf hamsters. this is what they look like...

Here is the burial.

Olive Garden date.

I think these are my 4 month anniversary flowers. The hubs knows how to spoil his wifey :)

We had such a fun time this summer, being married made everything in life so much better! We had so many fun adventures and I cant wait for all the new ones we have in store for us :)